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Count Koopula is King Koopa's alter ego seen in "Count Koopula". He is the main antagonist in the Super Mario Bros Super Show," The White Knight." Koopa's disguise has him wearing a cape, as well as giving him large fangs. Like traditional vampires, he can also transform into a bat and hates sunlight and garlic. Mario and Co learn of Koopa's evil plot turn Princess into a vampire. Another problem they must face is that the estate is swarming with monsters.

Magician When Harry Blackstone Jr. teaches Luigi how to make things vanish.

Luigi complains of being hungry and surprisingly explains that this is his spare ravioli. After Mario says this though, A Tweeter Bat drains all the tomato sauce from the box. As it came through, the vampires quickly help Luigi open the room door, only for Mario and Luigi to find, to their horror, that the door is locked.

In his room, Toad is walking about, contemplating, when he stops and begins talking to a nearby gargoyle head sticking out of the wall, wishing it could talk. As Toad makes this wish, he is surprised when the gargoyle head does talk to him, telling him to go away; Toad is insulted by the gargoyle's vituperative remarks, so he lunges at it and knocks away the vase it was holding, which causes a portion of the wall to move, revealing a secret passage.

After some walking, Toad looks through and sees Mario and Luigi, pounding frantically on their room door. He pushes the wall and reveals himself to Mario and Luigi, telling them he has found a way to escape the castle.

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