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You see - I am the richest of the rich, the most brilliant of brilliant inventors, and soon to be the most absolute rulers in all Skylands: Count Moneybone!
~ Count Moneybone

Count Moneybone is a major antagonist in the Skylanders franchise, serving as the main antagonist of the 3DS version of Skylanders: Swap Force and a supporting antagonist in Skylanders: SuperChargers. An egotistical tyrant of the underworld and his clockwork army, Moneybone is conversely a loyal minion of Kaos.

He was voiced by Travis Willingham, who also voiced Harvey Dent in Batman: The TellTale Series.


Skylanders: Swap Force 3DS

In the story's introduction, Count Moneybone launched an attack on Boom Town, stealing Flynn's golden statue for himself and turning Cali into a zombie to serve as his undead bride. During the course of the adventure, the Skylander faced Moneybone on a few occasions to stop his evil operations that threatened Skylands. Eventually, they reached his underworld villa where he announced his plan to his partygoers of taking over Skylands by draining the life of all the inhabitants using a machine called the Immortalizer Ray, allowing Moneybone to rule. The Skylanders crashed the party and seemingly cornered Moneybone, revealing to the undead residents his true colors. However, Count Moneybone and the undead Cali escaped using a flying fortress, while leaving a portion of his robotic army to hold back the Skylanders.

Within his clockwork castle, Moneybone was confronted by the Skylanders and battled against them using his latest and strongest of Clockwork Power suits. When his power suit was destroyed, the evil count tried to engage the Skylander in hand-to-hand combat, only to be swiftly defeated in a single blow.

Skylanders: SuperChargers

Moneybone is transporting Flynn, Cali, and Hugo to his detention center in the Underworld for Kaos. However, he only appears over a loudspeaker and a screen (one of which is destroyed by a SuperCharger.

When one of his prison transports is stolen by the Skylanders he is caught off guard by Kaos calling him over Eon's situation. He also claims it to be "our ultimate victory' before being corrected by Kaos after he hangs up.

Moneybone advertises his detention center with special emphasis on their new prisoner, Eon, and purposefully glamorizes it. When the Skylanders attempt to free their master they engage in a vehicular battle which they win. Kaos calls Moneybone, angry over Eon's escape, chastises, and hangs up on him.


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