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Count Vertigo to you, peasant.
~ Count Vertigo

Count Vertigo is a supporting antagonist in Young Justice. He is a royal from the country of Vlatava who wants to take crown of the country. In the past, he murdered his brother to try and take the crown and has been plotting with other supervillains to regain it.

He is voiced by Steve Blum.


Count Vertigo is cruel and malicious. He only prioritizes taking power in the Vlatava if it means having to kill people in his way including his family. He refers to those who do not have his royal background as "peasant" and has a habit of correcting others if they do not say his name correctly. Count Vertigo was willing to allow Joker and the Injustice League destroy many cities to collect a ransom. Unlike the Joker, Vertigo is shown to surrender when he realizes that his enemies have an advantage over him. He views his niece Queen Perdita as an obstacle to seizing power in Vlatava and conspired to murder her. When he worked in the Bedlam Syndicate, he is shown to have a temper by yelling and threatening his underlings if they do not meet his level of satisfaction. Like most members of the syndicate, Vertigo was content in having multiple teenagers and children tortured to death to run the organization.


In the past, Vertigo murdered his brother in his plan to try and take the thrown of Vlatava. However, his attempt to seize power was unsuccessful and he was considered a criminal for his actions. He eventually left the country and joined with other supervillains to come up with the plans to try and take back the thrown and commit other crimes to his benefit.

Vertigo masterminds a plan to try and get ransom from many countries. He works with members of the Injustice League to have Joker carry out terrorist attacks on Gotham, Paris, Metropolis, Star City, and Taipei. The attacks left dozens of people dead and destruction to property across multiple cities. The Team tries to stop Vertigo and his underlings. Vertigo confronts them and orders his underlings to murder them since they have been causing his team too much problems. When the Justice League and Doctor Fate order the Injustice League to surrender, they complied with the exception of Joker who made an attempt on everyone’s lives by unleashing the Joker Venom. But, everyone survived and Vertigo was sent to prison.

Vertigo escaped prison and collaborated with Vandal Savage to stop Kid Flash from delivering a heart to Queen Perdita, his niece, to save her life. When Kid Flash realized he’s been tricked, he encountered Vertigo and got into a skirmish. Regardless of his efforts, Kid Flash was able to save Perdita in time and Vertigo’s plans failed.

Couple years after his failed attempt to assassinate his niece, Vertigo works alongside Frederick DeLamb to abduct teenagers and children from a hospital. Vertigo is a high-ranking member who oversees the operation and the trafficking ring. Through this illegal operation many children and teenagers died if their bodies could not handle the test for the meta-gene. Vertigo is very strict on his underlings and would threaten them if the operation was out of place. Vertigo hoped to use his allegiance with Frederick DeLamb to try and reclaim the crown of Vtalava. However, the Team and the Justice League interrupted their operation. Vertigo confronted the superheroes and tried to stop them but retreated when the heroes managed to stop their ring. Vertigo later returns to help Frederick get out of prison and take over the country. However, when Frederick is killed by Brion Markov, Vertigo escaped.


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