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It means that the Stones of Power shall be mine, and once I possess them, you shall tremble at my feet and never again persecute my kind. Anima remitto.
~ Isobel to Magistrate Wilkins when she curses him by spitting blood on the spell book.
You think this ends with a lick of flame? I sleep but a while and when the time is appointed, my heir will awaken me and I will have vengeance!
~ Isobel as she burns at the stake vowing vengeance.
Can you feel it? Calling to us. The first Stone of Power lies behind this wall. And with it, our magic shall increase ten-fold. And when we possess all the Stones we shall walk on Earth as Gods among men. Reach out, and seize what was meant to be! Murus scindandum!
~ Countess Isobel to Brianna and Madelyn when she feels the Stone behind a wall in the cave and uses a spell to open the chamber.

Countess Margaret Isobel Thoreaux, more commonly called Isobel, is a villainess appearing on the WB/CW television series Smallville, serving as one of the primary antagonists of the show's fourth season.

She was a infamous and royal witch of France in the early 17th century and an ancestress of Lana Lang.

She was portrayed by Kristin Kreuk.


Countess Margaret Isobel Thoreaux was as beautiful as she was deadly. Before her death, Isobel seemed calculated and all-knowing as when she was about to face death, she was certain in her power that she and her comrades would rise again. Isobel was very headstrong and power hungry as she desired the Kyrptonian Stones of Knowledge thinking they would increase her magic.

Their power was well-known on Earth and they were sought out by many occultists and practitioners of magic. Isobel would let no one stand in her way to find them as she attacked Jason when he threatened to destroy her spell book and easily overpowered Clark telling him she had outwitted death itself to complete her quest.

She went out of her way in life and death to find the Elements, as she told Clark in Shanghai that she had sacrificed much to acquire the Stones.

Though Isobel was stern and serious, she was shown to be quite flirtatious and sexual using the body of Lana to get what she wanted from people who knew her. She flirted with Jason, Lex and Clark using her powers and body to either enchant or curse them.

Isobel also had a fun sense of humor as when she was reborn she and her fellow witches cast a spell on a party that livened it dancing with the other half-naked party goers before resuming their quest.

Isobel at the stake.

Isobel had a caring side as she promised her comrades, Brianna and Madelyn, they would return and kept her word when she resurrected them in the 21st century.

One final note of her personality, Isobel was quite vengeful as when she was betrayed by Duchess Gertrude, she vowed to kill each of Gertrude's heirs, therefore destroying the entire future of Duchess Gertrude's family line when Isobel rose again.

Above anything and anyone else, Countess Margaret Isobel Thoreaux longed to be the most powerful being in the world, and with the Stones of Power, desired to become a "God amongst men."



Born in the 17th century within the French village of Castelnau-de-Montmiral, Isobel was a French aristocrat and a natural witch, as well as Lana Lang's maternal ancestor. She was enlisted by Duchess Gertrude, also a witch as well as the ancestor of Genevieve Teague and Jason Teague, to help her find the Stones of Power, three Kryptonian artifacts that would create the Fortress of Solitude.

While visiting a mystic, she saw a Kryptonian in a globe. The Kryptonian told Isobel that they could rule together if she gathered the stones, so she left the mystic's tent with the idea that she could someday rule Earth. Her power-lust led her to betray Gertrude, stealing her map which led to the Crystal of Air in China.

Isobel cackles as she and her coven are burned at the stake.

Aided by Brianna Withridge and Madelyn Hibbins, Isobel searched for the Stones of Power, only for Duchess Gertrude to accuse the trio of witchcraft, leading to their capture by the townspeople. En route to the village square, Isobel lost her magic when her spell book was taken but promised her frightened comrades that if they fell this night they would rise again to complete their quest.

Before she was burned at the stake along with her partners in crime, Isobel was approached by Magistrate Wilkins, and she asks him if he has come to enjoy his handiwork. He then strikes her across the face and tells her she may yet escape the pyre's flames if she tells him of the three Stones of Power.

When she asks for her spell book, Isobel spat blood on her book of spells, and the blood mixed with the symbol on the book.

She casts a spell in Latin and a tattoo, the Mark of Transference, appears on her lower back which would enable her to possess an heir. As she burned, Isobel prophesied that her heir would awaken her and that she would gain the Stones as well as vengeance and cackled wildly as the flames consumed her and her companions.

At some point before her execution, Isobel conceived a child who would go on to continue her linage - insuring their mother's resurrection should a relative of hers make physical contact with the blood.

Countess Margaret Isobel Thoreaux's tomb in Paris.

Centuries later, Isobel's tomb was placed in a church in Paris by the grandmother of Genevieve Teague, who used her son to orchestrate a visit by Lana to the tomb. In 2004, Lana Lang did a brass rubbing of Isobel's tomb in the Partisan church for an art-history class.

When Lana touches a symbol on the tomb, she was suddenly bathed in light as a great surge of bright magic energy flows through her body.

The next thing she remembered was waking up in her apartment twelve hours later with a mysterious tattoo on her lower back, as she was branded with Isobel's mark. After discovering that the symbol was similar to the ones in the Kawatche Caves, Lana had returned to Smallville to learn more about the mysterious tattoo on her back.

Unable to find an answer to her tattoo, Lana researched Isobel and learned that the Countess was her ancestor who died as a martyr but was burned at the stake as a witch.


Isobel resurrected in the 21st century.

Lana's investigation into her strange tattoo led her to buy Isobel's spell book on eBay. When Lana touched the book, specifically the page stained with Isobel's blood, the fire roared up and her eyes shine violet as Isobel returned and possessed her body, resulting in wild behavior she could not control.

Continuing her quest once again for the Stones of Power, Isobel needed the assistance of her sisters. While making a potion that would allow their return, Isobel met Chloe Sullivan and Lois Lane and decided they would be perfect candidates for the spirits of Madelyn and Brianna to inhabit.

Using a strand of Lana's hair, she needed the hair of another virgin and went to the Kent home to find Clark wrapping a large present and asked him if he needed help. "Lana" tried to seduce Clark but he was confused by her strange behavior when she used scissors to cut a lock of his hair off but the shears broke.

Clark question what she was up to and "Lana" said she was making a scrapbook. Annoyed, Clark gives her some of his hair and she promptly leaves to get the next ingredient on her list.

Countess Isobel bewitches Lex.

Isobel then went to the Luthor Mansion where she saw Lex Luthor practicing the piano. "Lana" compliments his playing and asks him if he has any vintage wine, "for the party", particularly a Vintage Merlot from Southern France. Lex produces a bottle, but then Isobel notices the Russian manuscript containing Gertrude's map displayed in Lex's study.

Angered, she casts a spell that makes it disappear, then freezes Lex in place. Explaining that the map wasn't meant for Lex, she releases him and casts another spell, bewitching Lex to play the piano forever and takes the bottled wine.

Isobel recites a spell completing her potion.

In the woods, Isobel recites a spell as the Kryptonian symbols of water, air and fire appear on the ground below completing the finishing touches to her resurrection potion when Chloe and Lois arrive.

Before the party, Isobel convinces them to drink a toast to celebrate and when they do thunder flashes as the spirits of her comrades Madelyn and Brianna possess Chloe Sullivan and Lois Lane, respectively. Isobel welcomes them back and explained that the last spell she cast her blood entwined with a symbol in the book which called to her heir.

And when she touched it, she gained possession of her body and brought them back. Madelyn thought they were in France but Isobel said they were in Kansas describing it as the Americas. Madelyn asks if she has the spell book and Isobel smiles pointing towards the basket that contained it saying that they have their magics again.

Isobel then told them they would continue their quest for the Stones but Brianna and Madelyn wanted some fun first. Isobel states that Brianna and Madelyn have their hosts' memories and to use them to seize the power within.

Isobel, Brianna and Madelyn cast a spell at the party.

Isobel and her henchwomen crashed Chloe's birthday party at the Kent Farm. Jason took "Lana" aside and asked why she was dressed like that and she responded it made her feel sexy before telling him to leave. Madelyn and Brianna told Isobel that the food and men in this century were delicious but they have had better soirees.

The witches then cast a spell causing everyone, including Clark Kent, to lose their inhibitions and act wildly taking their shirts off and dancing in their boxers. Isobel and Madelyn danced with Clark when the Princeton representative showed up.

At the Talon apartment, Jason held onto the spell book and opened it near the fireplace and ignited it summoning Isobel who told him he shouldn't play with things he doesn't know. Jason realized that "Lana" was not herself and that Isobel was possessing her. Jason then threatened to burn her spell book but she summoned it to her and used magic to hurt him throwing Jason into the ceiling.

Clark later figured out what was going on and confronted Isobel just as she reclaimed her spell book from Jason and threw him out the window, but Isobel escaped, leaving Clark a message made of fire on the side of the building to meet her in his barn at midnight.

The three witches take Clark's powers.

After arriving in the barn, Clark questioned "Lana" who was there with "Lois" and Chloe". Brianna first attacked Clark with magic but was not hurt in the process. Realizing he was no ordinary mortal and a potential threat to their plans, Isobel tries to kill Clark with a death-based spell, but only succeeding in seriously wounding and stunning him.

After he battled the witches, they gained the advantage in the fight. Brianna and Madelyn held Clark down and Isobel removed his shirt and magically stripped him of his powers. The stripping process was symbolized by a colorful light, emitted from Clark's chest and was rendered unconscious.

Isobel magically seduces Clark.

The three then chain Clark to a post in the barn shirtless and bloodied questioning what he truly is. Isobel realized he was something else, something special as she sensed it when she removed his "magics" from his body.

Isobel said she can taste it on him and mentioned that Clark knew the three Stones of Power and where one was hidden. Instead of torturing him for the knowledge, Isobel used Lana's body as she knew Clark desired it and she herself desired him as well.

Isobel seduced Clark by magically extracting the location of one of the Stones from Clark by kissing him then said a spell. Violet smoke drifted from his mouth to form illegible script, and a disembodied male voice whispered "The Caves". Isobel thanked Clark before leaving with her comrades, teleporting away and left him behind chained.

Isobel, Brianna and Madelyn enter the caves.

The witches entered the Kawatche Caves, where Isobel saw her Mark of Transference painted on the wall realizing it made sense explaining why she was resurrected here in this time a thousand leagues away from her home saying it was destiny.

Isobel, Brianna and Madelyn approached the cave wall sensing the Stone of Power behind it calling to them and stated with it their magics will increase ten-fold and once they possess all the Stones they shall become gods.

With her spell book, Isobel started chanting a spell that opened a portal to the altar in the caves forcibly revealing a hidden chamber behind the wall. Seeing the Crystal of Fire sitting on the altar, Isobel said all of their suffering, pain and persecution ends tonight.

Countess Isobel defeated when her spellbook is destroyed.

Brianna and Madelyn encouraged her to take the Element. Isobel said she had dreamed of this moment and reached for the Crystal. When Clark arrived, armed with a shotgun, Isobel told him he shouldn't have and come and that they owed him a debt for showing him the cave and were going to let him live.

Isobel then told Clark to bear witness to a new age and touched the Crystal of Fire, only for it to burn, causing her to scream out in pain as the Stone protected itself from her and dropped it.

Clark grabbed the Crystal and it restored his powers. Isobel threatened to take away his powers again, but Clark, acting quickly, used heat vision to destroy her spell book. Enraged, Isobel screamed "No!" in fury and all four teens are knocked unconscious from the explosion restoring Lana, Chloe, and Lois to their normal selves. But, Isobel was far from gone.

After being possessed by her ancestor, Lana had a strange dream, in which she witnesses the execution of Countess Margaret Isobel Thoreaux. In the dream, Isobel spotted Duchess Gertrude yelling angrily at her in French. As Isobel burned at the stake, Lana abruptly woke from the dream panting and gasping.

The next morning, Lana and was shocked to learn that the woman of the dream looked immensely like Jason's mom Genevieve Teague, who began to suspect the real reasons that Jason had begun to date her.

Genevieve later explained to her son that she knew of Lana's connection to the Countess and that their ancestors were responsible for burning Isobel at the stake. She goes on to reveal that Isobel vowed to kill each of Gertrude's heirs, therefore destroying the entire future of Duchess Gertrude's family line when Isobel rose again.


Countess Isobel returns and blasts Clark with magic.

A centuries-old map led Lana to a temple in China where the local police apprehended her when one of them sees her tattoo. In order to make Lex and Jason talk, the Chinese officers began to torture Lana through electrocution.

However, the pain unleashed Isobel who laid dormant and was able to possess her a second time by reciting a spell, which electrocutes the officers and breaks free.

She then blasted Commander Cheng away with magic. Isobel mocks Jason and Lex for being so headstrong in their pursuit of the stones and tells them that they were looking at the map in the wrong way. Before revealing that Gertrude's map was never a map but did lead to one of the Stones.

Isobel donned a ceremonial Chinese outfit when Clark comes to rescue Jason and Lex, she knocks him out and goes back to the chamber where the dress, mask and statue are.

Isobel collects the Element of Air in China.

When Clark regains conciseness, the trio realized the map was actually a drawing of the tree where the stone is buried and Isobel was already at the location. She reached into her pocket and sprinkled rose petals on the ground while reciting a spell that incinerated the earth as she waved her hand and unearthed a horse statue holding the stone.

When she breaks the statue it reveals the Crystal of Air and remembering the last time she touched a Crystal, she remedied this later by folding the Air Stone in a red cloth. The Crystal gives off the noise of a beacon in Clark's head so he super-speeds to where Isobel is and takes the stone from her hand. Isobel knocks him away with a magic blast and puts the stone in her pocket before rushing back to the temple.

Countess Isobel confronts Clark with magic swords.

Clark showed up again to confront her and claim the crystal. Isobel tells Clark that she has sacrificed much for the Elements but Clark said they don't belong to her which she counters that he thinks they belong to him.

As they were left for nobody and the god of this temple hid them for his return. Isobel then engaged him in a fight using Chinese swords; a Jian and Sai, charged with magic capable of wounding him. Isobel threw the Sai at Clark impaling him and caused him to bleed before using it in a sword fight against Isobel who flew across the room.

Because Isobel's powers were magical, she was able to hurt Clark. As Clark dueled against the magically-skilled Isobel in the temple, she managed to gain the upper hand before Clark shoved her away. However, Clark was unwilling to harm Lana, whose body Isobel possessed. Isobel then took flight spinning around in mid-air by levitating. As she levitated, Clark super-speeds and grabs her pocket and got the Crystal of Air away from Isobel. When they both touched it, an explosion occurred caused by her magic, seemingly ending Isobel's control over Lana once again.


Countess Isobel passes on after killing her mortal enemy.

After learning from Lionel Luthor that Lana had the Crystal of Air, Genevieve went to her apartment and confronted her demanding the stone. They struggled, and when Lana was being strangled by Genevieve, Countess Isobel possessed her descendant for the final time to overpower Genevieve. She then drags Genevieve to the floor and grabbed the Crystal of Air with telekinesis using it to stab Genevieve in the heart, killing her.

Isobel seemed to build some magical resistance to the Stone that would scorch her skin by touching it with her bare hands. Having finally exacted her long-sought revenge against Duchess Gertrude, Isobel was bathed in light and laughed as she left Lana's body for good. Because she had stained the Crystal with human blood, Isobel retreated and the Mark of Transference disappeared from Lana's back.

Powers and Abilities

Your magics are impressive. But so are mine.
~ Isobel to Clark.

Countess Margaret Isobel Thoreaux sees a Kryptonian in a globe.

Being a witch and having access to a spell book filled with numerous spells, Countess Thoreaux had a repertoire of various powers at her disposal. As the leader of her own coven, Isobel's magics were superior to that of her circle. Isobel managed to escape death.

Casting an apparent spell, she placed some of her blood inside of her spell book. Ensuring her return, should a relative of hers make physical contact with the blood. She had the ability to cast spells which allow herself and others to possess the bodies of human beings. After Lana visits her tomb, a Mark of Transference appeared forcing Lana to serve much like a Kryptonian vessel for Isobel to inhabit.

The most common magical effect that she ever used was conjuring a ray of flaring violet light, which she could project from her fingertips to smite her foes; not only did this blast knock the target back, but it could also render them dead. When Clark was hit by Isobel's spell, he was indeed hurt by her magic, but still strong enough to resist the death effect and only be dazed for several minutes. Isobel was also able to use telekinesis through her spells to lift, throw, or manipulate objects.

The Countess was adept with pyrokinesis having had the power to ignite a target in violet flame, and have the fire glow eerily brighter than normal. Countess Thoreaux was also able to teleport herself and others vast distances with naught but a word, and could use a mind-control like power to extract information from someone by merely being close to them or by a kiss. Isobel was skilled in multilingualism as she was able to speak French, English and Latin.

Other spells that she used throughout her possessions of Lana were the enchanting of mundane weapons like swords (where she threw an enchanted Sai at Clark, which was able to wound him due to the hue at the tips of the blades), levitate into the air or combine her hovering with a jump to send her across short distances quickly (like the levitation done in her fight with Clark in Sacred).

Release powerful but short-ranged blasts of violet energy to knock back those in the radius (as she used to propel Clark backwards during a sword fight in Sacred, but it unfortunately sent her back, too), create small rifts in the earth (which she did to uncover one of the three Stones of Power) by sprinkling rose petals and recited a spell, control the actions of others with her voice (noted when she tells Lex Luthor to play the piano - indefinitely), and place others under a form of temporal stasis (which she does to Lex before she enchants him to play the piano).

Isobel also has enhanced physical strength that is somewhat above the average human and was shown to be highly accomplished in martial arts. She demonstrated it when she burst her bonds when she took possession of Lana Lang in China when Lana was about to be tortured by Chinese soldiers, she also showed some level of invulnerability.

Isobel came back as Lana was being electrocuted by her captors; that electrocution was unsuccessfully used on Isobel. She demonstrated it again when she possessed Lana for the last time when she easily overpowered and stabbed Genevieve Teague, a much larger woman, with the Air Stone when Teague attempted to kill Lana. Isobel was the greatest of the three witches, wielding more power than any other non-alien character in the entire series. As a fully fledged witch, she could create rifts or minor tremors in the Earth.

While not being all-powerful, Isobel had some vulnerabilities mainly to the three Stones of Power as she was unable to make physical contact with any of the three Stones, possibly due to her magic. Doing so would either burn her or expel her from Lana's body. Some of Isobel's magic involved Kryptonian symbols. The reason for this, and why she couldn't touch the Stones, were never explained. Prior to being burned as a witch, Isobel was unable to use her powers when her spell book was taken. This weakness was seemingly gone when she possessed Lana a second time and still retained her magic.


Countess Margaret Isobel Thoreaux. Says here she was a warrior princess who... kicked a lot of ass and broke a lot of hearts.
~ Jason Teague to Lana, over Isobel's tomb.
They've taken the book and with it our powers. What would you have me do? Time is the one thing we do have. If we fall this night, I promise you, we will rise again to finish our quest.
~ Isobel to her coven on the way to their execution.
Magistrate Wilkins. Come to enjoy your handiwork?
~ The Countess confronts Wilkins before she is tied to the stake.
Never been better.
~ Isobel to Jason after being resurrected in Lana's body.
"Hair of two virgins." Ha, we've been a good little girl, haven't we?
~ Isobel reads from her ingredients list and pulls a hair from Lana's head.
Actually I was looking for a vintage Merlot from the South of France. Something from the vineyard in the Londoc or possibly the Doldogne that should do in a pinch.
~ Isobel asks Lex Luthor for a bottle of wine to finish her spell.
What is this? You're lying. You know its true nature, but the map was not meant for you. Vines chet. Finis!
~ Isobel to Lex Luthor when she sees the Manuscript and freezes him with a spell.
You seek the Stones, don't you? Well, we can't have that. I think that you're right, Alexander, you do need more practice. Keep playing... infinitas.
~ Isobel curses Lex to play the piano forever.
A toast. In honor of this special night. No matter how much time passes old friends are never forgotten.
~ Isobel tricking Chloe and Lois into drinking her potion.
Madelyn? Brianna? Welcome to the 21st century.
~ Isobel welcomes her resurrected friends back after they possess Chloe and Lois.
The last spell I cast before Wilkins condemned me to the pyre, my blood entwined with a symbol in the book which called to my heir and when she touched it, I gained possession of her body and brought you back.
~ Isobel explains her recent actions to her resurrected comrades.
We're in Kansas, Madelyn. The Americas. I am unsure as to why I was resurrected here it was not in my intention, but..
~ Isobel tells Madelyn where they are and uncertain why they were brought here.
It is ours once again and with it our magics. Now we may continue our quest for the stones.
~ Isobel shows Brianna and Madelyn her spell book.
A small toll to travel the road of ultimate power. You have your hosts' memories use them to navigate this world and help us seize the power.
~ Isobel and her comrades plan to use their hosts to achieve their quest.
Jason: Why are you acting like this? And why are you dressed like that?
Isobel: Because it makes me feel sexy. Weren't you leaving?
~ Isobel acts nasty towards Jason Teague and tells him to leave the party.
But we have definitely had better celebrations. This is appalling. (Madelyn: We could change that.) Well is has been 400 years. Perhaps a little fun before we continue our quest. Liberate bestia.
~ Isobel talks about past celebrations before the three witches cast a spell on the party goers to liven it up.
You really shouldn't play with that. You might hurt yourself. (Jason: I heard you and the girls were the life of the party last night.) One last fling before I finish what I started a long time ago. You don't want to get in my way.
~ Isobel confronts Jason in the Talon apartment.
(Jason: Who are you?) Est-ce que tu francais? In the new flesh. She's in here somewhere. (Jason: Could you let her out?) Now why on Earth would I ever do that?
~ Isobel reveals she's possessing Lana Lang's body to Jason.
You have no idea what you're dealing with little man.. Vapulate! Sursum. So now you begin to understand. You're not but an insect in my path one to be crushed on the journey toward greater things.
~ Isobel tortures Jason with magic when he attempted to burn her spell book.
You're early. Not planning something devious, are you Clark? (Clark: What did you do to Lex and Jason?) Nothing, compared to what we're going to do to you.
~ Isobel confronts Clark in his barn.
So, you're more than just fast. That will make this a whole lot more exciting.
~ Isobel when she sees Clark display his abilities.
We have traveled through the ages to complete our quest. Outwitting death itself. We will not be undone by some farm boy with a few tricks.
~ Countess Isobel to Clark when she holds him in a magic attack.
It is done. His powers are gone.
~ Isobel after she magically strips Clark of his powers.
No. He's something else. Something special. I could sense it when your magics were ripped from your body. I could taste it on you.
~ Isobel was able to sense Clark's powers and determine that he was not magical.
The three Stones of Power. You know of them, don't you? There's more. You know where one of them is hidden.
~ Isobel questions Clark about the three Stones and aware of the one he has.
There are easier ways to get what we want. This body I inhabit.. you have desires for it, don't you? Well it desires you too, Clark. Very... very much. Monstra.
~ Isobel seduces Clark by using Lana's body and cast a spell while kissing him.
Thank you, Clark. You've been very helpful. Abitere.
~ After magically seducing the answer out of him, Isobel teleports herself, Brianna and Madelyn to the caves.
It begins to make sense. Why I was resurrected here in this time a thousand leagues from my home. It was destiny.
~ Isobel in the Katwatche Caves talks about destiny when she sees her Mark of Transference painted on the wall.
All of our suffering, all of our pain and persecution, it ends tonight. (Brianna: And our future begins.) (Madelyn: Take it Isobel. Lead us to glory!) The first Stone. How I've dreamed of this moment. And at last, it has arrived.
~ Isobel when she sees the altar holding the Crystal of Fire and Brianna and Madelyn tell her to take it.
You shouldn't have come, Clark. We owe you a debt for revealing this chamber to us. We were going to let you live.
~ Isobel to Clark when he confronts the witches in the cave with a shotgun.
Bear witness, Clark Kent, to the dawn of a new age.
~ Isobel when she attempts to take the Crystal of Fire.
It doesn't matter. We took them from you once before. Do you really believe that this time will be any different? (screaming) No-o-o!
~ Isobel threatens to take Clark's powers again but he uses his heat vision to destroy her spell book defeating the witches.
Je vais dormir seulement un peu.
~ Isobel to Duchess Gertrude before she is burned at the stake.
Mitares meus anima liberare!
~ Isobel reciting a spell to escape the electrocution chair and return to Lana's body.
Did you really think I would let any harm come to this body I've possessed?
~ A resurrected Isobel to Lex and Jason.
You two again. You are a resilient lad, aren't you? So earnest, and yet so tragically doomed to pay for the sins of your ancestors.
~ Isobel to Jason Teague.
And you, greedy boy, I can only imagine what mischief you would cause were you to unite the Stones of Knowledge. Too bad that neither of you could see what was right in front of you all along. It was never a map.
~ Isobel to Jason Teague and Lex Luthor.
You put up a better fight last time.
~ Isobel to Clark after knocking him unconscious with magic.
Isobel: Nobody's has sacrificed as much as I have for these stones.
Clark: They don't belong to you.
Isobel: And you think they were meant for you? They were left for nobody. The god of this temple hid them for his return. Penatrali a suus corpus!
~ Isobel to Clark before their magical showdown in the temple.


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