The Leaderboard

Slugula in 7th on the leaderboard with plenty of planets.

Countess Slugula is a is a unseen villain in Wander Over Yonder.

Physical Appearance

She is never seen in person. It only can be seen her picture in Galactic Villain Leaderboard in episode "The Rager". Although it is thought she is an anthropomorphic alien vampires SLUG, it is possible that she was actually an anthromorphic alien vampires SNAIL who uses said name for be so artistic. Because, being only present her face in Galactic Villain Leaderboard's picture it isn't seen her body that possibly could have a shell. It also is unknown if she, as anthromoporhic animal, has arms and/or legs or not.


Nothing is known about her skills but, because she's a gastropod, it is possibly she left a trail of slime in her way. Also, if it results she's a anthropomorphic snail, could have a shell where she would hide in attacks case. Her eyes also could were elastic and adaptive to her body as is seen in her species in real life.


Also nothing is known about her life but it is known he were in 7th in Galactic Villain Leaderboard fifth line-up. So, like she were in top ten, she is a competent conqueror in show.

My Fairy Hatey

Because Lord Dominator had said in "My Fair Hatey" that she had imprisioned all villains in Yonder Galaxy, except Lord Hater, it is supposed that Countness & Count Slugula had been imprisoned too. but it is unknown if they escaped or not  before Dominator's ship froze.

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