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Countess Zanda is the secondary antagonist in the 1984 movie Sheena. She was one of the three enemies (alongside Otwani and Jorgensen) of Sheena.

She was played by France Zobda.


Zanda was originally the intended bride of King Jabalani. However, she was cheating on him with his brother Prince Otwani. She boasted of being "the most wicked woman in Tigora", and it was her idea to frame the Zambuli shaman for Jabalani's assassination. When Otwani and the Black Berets set off after Sheena and Vic Casey, Zanda accompanied them. She disliked Otwani's sexual interest in Sheena and tried to order Colonel Jorgensen to kill her on sight, but Otwani countermanded her and Sheena was instead taken alive.

Undaunted, Zanda forged orders from Otwani and was able to persuade the Black Berets' helicopter pilot to fly her and Sheena over Gudjara Mountain, where Zanda intended to shove Sheena out to her death with the Zambulis watching, in the hopes of demoralizing them. Instead, Sheena used her telepathic powers to summon a flock of flamingos who attacked the helicopter. The pilot, attempting to fend the birds off, accidentally tilted the aircraft too far to one side, and Zanda fell out to her death.