The Country Road Creature is an internet Urban-Legend creature, mainly known for its disturbing appearance.


The Country Road Creature appears to be a pale, tall, slim creature. It body appears to be totally bone-slim, while it has very long claws on its hands. The first picture of this creature was released in the woods. A person inside of a vehicle took the picture of the Creature, which was looking at the person. Future on, pictures of the creature started spreading more. Such as a photo of the Creature on a building, going to the other side. 

Then images of the Creatures hand started appearing. One photo was even taken inside of someone's home, as the Creature's long hand-claws are visible on the photo. Someone even took a picture of the creature standing in front of them, as the creatures hands are on the ground, and the creature is looking straight into the person which is taking the photo. 

The last photo if this creature was showing a man standing in front of a vehicle, but the man's hand appears to be the exact same as the creature's hand. It therefore implements that the creature has the ability of shapeshifting into other beings, so the creature could lure the victims inside the woods in order to turn back into its original form and use its claws to dismember and consume the victims.


  • Country Road Creature was created by Trevor Henderson, who is known for making various bizarre creatures over the internet. He also created Siren Head, Cartoon Cat and the Long Horses.
  • The creature might of been based on SCP-096
  • It is believed that the creature is much more dangerous than Siren Head.
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