What? I can't be seen here. I'm a classy car. This place is tacky. (SpongeBob: Coupe, open the door. I'll be late!) (Coupe drives away from the Krusty Krab.) (SpongeBob: But I have to go to work! Ah.) You obviously have no taste, so today we're going to do what I want to do. (SpongeBob: But I have to go to work.)
~ Coupe revealing his true nature to SpongeBob.

Coupe is the name of a sentient platinum self-driving boatmobile that only appears in the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Drive Happy".

He was voiced by Brian George.


Coupe is a white platinum self-driving boatmobile with the ability to talk through a speaker.

Role in the episode

SpongeBob buys Coupe at Bikini Bottom Boats and shows him off to Squidward and Mrs. Puff, who are really surprised that he obtained such fancy machinery.

After a long day of driving, SpongeBob parks Coupe into his respective lot at his house. Coupe is revealed to actually be sentient and does not like it in the rain and would much prefer being inside, so SpongeBob carves a large quantity of his pineapple house to accommodate Coupe. He spends the night flipping through channels on SpongeBob's TV. Afterwards, he wants to go to sleep, but would prefer sleeping on SpongeBob's bed rather than in the living room, leaving SpongeBob and Gary no choice but to sleep outside in the rain.

The following day, SpongeBob uses Coupe to get to work. Patrick notices SpongeBob driving Coupe and wants to go for a ride in him, which SpongeBob happily allows, while Coop reluctantly does. After being fed up with Patrick's stupidity, Coupe kicks Patrick out and into the sky.

Due to the disgusting nature of the Krusty Krab, Couple does not let SpongeBob park him there and instead does what he wants to, which involves being pampered at an auto repair shop. SpongeBob lyingly claims that he has to use the bathroom, so Coupe sets him free, unaware of his intentions.

SpongeBob then buys a steering wheel and implements it to Coupe to get to the Krusty Krab. To prevent him from getting to work, Coupe restrains SpongeBob with his seatbelts. To escape from his manipulation, SpongeBob buys a Triple Krabby Patty with five scoops of ice cream from the drive-thru and throws its contents onto Coupe's technology, interfering with his operation.

Coupe is eventually lifted up by Patrick, who wants the ice cream in which Coupe is covered. SpongeBob then decides that his self-driving days are over. As a result, instead of serving as a self-driving vehicle, Coupe becomes a kiddie ride outside of the Krusty Krab. He is repeatedly rode by Patrick, much to Coupe's misery and suffering.


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