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What? I can't be seen here! I'm a classy car! This place is tacky. (SpongeBob: Coupe, open the door. I'll be late! I have to go to work! Aw....) You obviously have no taste, so today we're going to do what I want to do.
~ Coupe revealing his true nature to SpongeBob.

Coupe is a sentient chrome self-driving boatmobile that appears as the main antagonist of the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Drive Happy".

He was voiced by Brian George.


Coupe is first seen at Bikini Bottom Boats, where SpongeBob buys him after being told that Coupe is a self-driving boatmobile. SpongeBob starts playing with Coupe's buttons as he tries to get the car to start, and it is revealed that Coupe is actually sentient as he tells SpongeBob to settle down and asks where SpongeBob wants to go. SpongeBob tells Coupe to drive him around town, and he shows Coupe off to Squidward and Mrs. Puff, who are really surprised that he obtained such fancy machinery.

After a long day of driving, SpongeBob parks Coupe outside his house and goes to bed, but then it starts raining and Coupe sets off his car alarm to get SpongeBob's attention. SpongeBob tries offering Coupe an umbrella and blankets to protect him from the rain, but Coupe says he doesn't like it outside and demands to be let inside. SpongeBob cuts a large hole in his house to let Coupe in, and Coupe immediately rolls in and turns on SpongeBob's TV to flip through the channels. When SpongeBob gets impatient because Coupe won't pick a channel, he rudely declares that he is a guest and shines his headlights in SpongeBob's eyes. SpongeBob decides to go to bed and tries to thank Coupe for a good time, but Coupe ignores him. Later that night, Coupe breaks into SpongeBob's room and takes over his bed (breaking the bed in the process), forcing SpongeBob and Gary to sleep in the living room. They're then forced to sleep outside in the rain after Coupe's snoring proves to be too loud for them to sleep in the house.

The next day, a sleep-deprived SpongeBob is walking to work when Coupe pulls up and insists that he drives SpongeBob to work. Along the way, they run into Patrick, who is impressed with Coupe and wants a ride. SpongeBob happily lets Patrick in, much to Coupe's annoyance. After Patrick messes around with Coupe's controls and gets ice cream all over the dashboard, Coupe declares he's had enough, and ejects Patrick.

Coupe pulls up to the Krusty Krab, and SpongeBob tells him that the Krusty Krab is where he works. Coupe voices his displeasure, proclaiming that the Krusty Krab is too "tacky" for him. Coupe then determines that SpongeBob has no taste, so he decides to not let SpongeBob go to work and instead spend the day doing what Coupe wants to do. So SpongeBob is held captive as Coupe drives around to some rather expensive car facilities, including a fancy car wash and an auto shop where Coupe is pampered. Fed up with Coupe's nonsense, SpongeBob says he has to go to the bathroom. Coupe lets SpongeBob go but is suspicious of the sponge's motives, so he activates his x-ray vision as SpongeBob enters a nearby store and buys something. When SpongeBob returns, Coupe tries to prevent him from getting in, but SpongeBob gets in anyway and reveals that he bought a steering wheel, gas pedal, and bobblehead figurine. He implements the parts into Coupe and uses them to drive Coupe, forcing him to go to the Krusty Krab. Before SpongeBob can get out, though, Coupe restrains SpongeBob with his seatbelts. SpongeBob has a back-up plan, though; he uses his tongue to drive Coupe through the drive-through and orders a Triple Krabby Patty with five scoops of ice cream. SpongeBob throws the patty onto Coupe's dashboard, causing Coupe to freak out and almost crash. Then Patrick appears, drawn by the scent of the ice cream in which Coupe is covered, and lifts Coupe up so he can eat the ice cream, putting an end to Coupe's reign of terror.

As punishment for his actions, SpongeBob has Coupe repurposed into a coin-operated kiddie ride stationed outside the Krusty Krab and gives Patrick a bag of quarters so he can ride Coupe as long as he wants, much to Coupe's misery.


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