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The Courier (also known as Courier Six) is the main protagonist of Fallout: New Vegas and its expansions. Although the player can be heroic or neutral, the player can also do evil deeds.

Although the Courier never speaks any actual words, their grunts are provided by Yuri Lowenthal in male characters and Laura Bailey in female characters.


Not much is known about the Courier's life before the events of the game, although what is best known is the Courier's experience all across the post-war Western United States, including a job that Ulysses asserts had a package the Courier delivered resulting in the destruction of the Divide, a post-war community.

In 2281, the Courier took a job from Mr. House to deliver the platinum chip, a small storage device, to him. After reaching Goodsprings, the Courier was ambushed by Benny and several Great Khans accompanying him. Benny stole the platinum chip for his own personal use, and shot the Courier twice in the head, and left them for dead. Subsequently, after the group left, a securitron named Victor unearthed the unconscious Courier and brought them to the local physician Doc Mitchell to nurse them back to health.

After the Courier awoke in Goodsprings, they set off to find out who killed them and to complete the contract filed by Mr. House. Throughout the journey, the Courier encountered multiple factions such as the Powder Gangers, the New California Republic, Caesar's Legion, and various other factions and independent settlements. Upon reaching the New Vegas Strip, the Courier confronted Benny, either directly or by assassination, and learned of his plans to take New Vegas as his own via a modified Securitron named Yes Man (who the Courier can rely on to take over New Vegas for themself), as well as Mr. House's plans for New Vegas. Shortly after, the Courier was approached by the previously encountered Vulpes Inculta as an invitation to join the Legion (Caesar was impressed by the Courier's skills), and an NCR trooper who acted on behalf of Ambassador Dennis Crocker (who also was impressed by the Courier's skills). Here, the Courier may decide which faction to align themself with, and the main faction questlines start.

After completing the necessary tasks for the faction they favored, the Courier set off to Hoover Dam in order to fight on their behalf and help them gain control of the Mojave Wasteland.

Optional villainous actions

Base game

  • The Courier may commit as many murders as they please; children and currently active companions are the only non-killable characters in the game (although Yes Man does respawn).
  • The Courier can steal many items; items marked in red will result in lost karma if taken, except for if the owner of the item has evil karma.
  • The Courier can tell many lies and give lots of false information resulting in disastrous consequences.
  • The Courier can commit cannibalism and assist the formerly cannibalistic White Glove Society return to cannibalism.
  • The Mojave chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel can be completely destroyed by the Courier. Caesar and Mr. House require the player to do this, although they can disobey the NCR's orders to destroy them and instead negotiate a truce between the two.
  • The player, while not being able to completely destroy said factions, can kill the leaders and many members of the Boomers, Kings, and Great Khans, which results in their collapses at the end of the game if done so.
  • The towns of Goodsprings, Primm, Novac, and Jacobstown can be annihilated by the Courier.
  • The Courier can help the villainous Powder Gangers take over Goodsprings, resulting in the deaths of many villagers living in it.
  • On behalf of the NCR, the Courier can torture a Legion centurion, which is a war crime in the NCR's law.
  • When visiting Camp McCarran, the Courier can join forces with an undercover Legion frumentarius to destroy the NCR's monorail.
  • Arcade Gannon, an Enclave army brat and Followers researcher, can be sold to Caesar as a slave by the Courier.
  • When visiting the Boomers' airstrip and the Legion's fort, the Courier can bully some of the children there.
  • The Courier can vandalize an NCR war monument, which will infuriate a mourning private and potentially make him hostile.

Dead Money

  • The Courier can mistreat and verbally abuse their companions all throughout, which will inevitably result in having to kill them in the end.
  • When dealing with the dissociative super mutant Dog and God, the Courier can have the former personality take over and eliminate the latter, which will result in Dog killing many people, including entire small communities.
  • In the bad ending of the DLC, the Courier can join forces with Father Elijah at the end of the expansion. His plan involves releasing the Sierra Madre's poisonous gas into the Mojave, resulting in the deaths of everyone in it except for Elijah and the Courier. Eventually, the gas spreads west into the NCR's territory and is implied to have caused a great death toll, if not eliminating the entire nation. However, this ending is extremely unlikely to be canon.

Honest Hearts

  • The Courier can choose to kill off key characters of the expansion who are associated with the Dead Horses and Sorrows, who are fighting the villainous White Legs.

Lonesome Road

  • The Courier can claim to have intentionally caused the Divide's destruction.
  • The Courier can launch Ulysses' nuclear missiles at the NCR and/or Legion, resulting in the deaths of many people and many communities being destroyed.


The Courier's appearance is almost entirely up to the player's choice, that being gender, race, hairstyle, and facial features. However, promotional material depicts the Courier wearing a Vault 21 jumpsuit (also the starting outfit), NCR ranger combat armor, a caravanner outfit, the unique Courier Duster, and a set of cowboy-esque clothes.


  • Originally, there was going to be an option to have the Courier be a ghoul or super mutant, but this was decided against.

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