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I want a prize. I want a prize! I WANT A PRIZE!
~ Courtney

Courtney is a character and a recurring contestant on Total Drama.

She appears as a major character/anti-hero in Island ​and the first half of World Tour, the main antagonist in the second half of Action, a major antagonist in the second half of World Tour, a cameo character in Revenge of the Island and the secondary antagonist/ former anti-hero in All Stars.

In Total Dramarama, Courtney is one of the main protagonists.

She was voiced by Rochelle Wilson (who is also the voice of Sugar in TDPI) in the episodes, "Not So Happy Campers" Part 1 and 2 of Total Drama Island and the future episodes and seasons she is voiced by Emilie-Claire Barlow.


In the beginning of the series, Courtney was an uptight, by-the-books girl with a fierce determination to win and with the ability to command. She was less ruthless and displayed more compassion towards others despite often annoying them with her selfish nature. Courtney even learned to enjoy herself and be more rebellious once she became enamored with Duncan. That said, there were still sometimes where she treated others horribly as she, along most of her team, mistreated Harold. Even then, there were a few moments where she stood up for him such as when Duncan and Goeff went too far with their pranks.

As time passed, however, she gradually became more and more obsessed with winning and obtaining the grand prize for herself. This more greedy and selfish aspect of herself was first seen when she abandons Duncan in favor of the million dollar reward, as well as when she threatens Owen, DJ, Tyler and Cody fall to their deaths if they didn't give her the briefcase. In the second season, she becomes more cutthroat and gives herself unfair advantages using her lawyers to threaten Chris and the show, manipulating several of the contestants without any remorse and continuously betraying their trust in order to get ahead in the contest.

Courtney is rather domineering and a control-freak: when dating Duncan, she creates a 32 page list of requirements for their relationship and forces him to read it. In addition, she creates another very extensive, detailed list of everything to make Duncan the "perfect" boyfriend for her, showing a lack of consideration for Duncan and unwillingness to accept him for who he is.

Despite her determination to win and her constant nagging of her other teammates to pull their weight to win challenges, Courtney has proven herself to be very cowardly on several occasions. This was first seen when she refused to jump off the cliff during the first challenge of the series, and once again during a challenge where the contestants had to face their greatest fears, when she refused to jump into a vat of green jello. In the fifth season, her cowardliness was shown at its worst when she used Sam as a human shield to protect herself from leeches. An act that combined with her bossy nature, got her switched to the Villanous Vultures.

Another one of Courtney's most notable and definable traits during the third season is her pettiness, jealousy, and hatred against Gwen. When she finds out Gwen and Duncan kissed, she goes out of her way to vote her off, constantly trying to make their team lose to eliminate Gwen and even briefly teaming up with Heather. To get back at Duncan, she also flirted with other male contestants on the show, and after finding out Duncan cheated on her, she kicked him in the groin. She continues to hold a deep hatred against Duncan and Gwen, and while she eventually forgives Gwen and rekindles their friendship, she shows her true colors when she creates a chart for the contestants she wants to eliminate in what order, putting Gwen as second last, even though she said to Gwen they'd go to the finals together. In the end, it demonstrates that winning is ultimately what is most important to her, putting her friendships and romantic relationships aside all for the sake of her own greed and avarice. Therefore, while still somewhat sympathetic, she proved that she will never truly change as shown when she refused to take a risk by voting for herself in order to regain Gwen's trust.



  • Bridgette
  • Duncan (before they broke up)
  • Gwen (before Courtney betrayed her)



By Courtney

I used to be a real C.I.T.
~ Courtney's famous catchphrase.
They can enjoy their little party all they want. But I'm gonna win this competition and no one is gonna stop me.
~ Courtney.
When I say someone's going down, they go down.
~ Courtney when Sadie is eliminated.
[You wouldn't let us fall to our deaths...] Oh yes I would, I don't even like you that much.
~ Courtney talking to DJ.
Oh that is it! If they thought they were in trouble before, they're in huge trouble now.
~ Courtney threatening to sue the show.
I share the prize money with you 50/50 if you win.
~ Courtney bargaining with the other contestants lives.
Give that back and I let you eat one of the others. I can make it happen, seriously.
~ Courtney making deals with a shark.

About Courtney

Who cares? She shouldn't have been here in the first place. Launching a lawsuit against the show is bad sportmanship and totally cheating and it proves that Courtney is barely a human being!
~ Beth on Courtney.
I knew there was a reason we picked Courtney. She's nasty.
~ Chris about Courtney.
Actually it makes perfect sense. Those two are made for each other. The only difference is one would eat you alive in a heartbeat and the other is a shark.
~ Beth about Courtney's vicious nature.


  • Courtney's voice actress, Emilie-Claire Barlow also once voiced Sailor Mars and coincidentally both characters lost their boyfriends (Duncan and Tuxedo Mask) to another woman (Gwen and Sailor Moon).
  • Courtney is one of the characters who received controversy among fans. Her attitude change during seasons causes her to lose people she used to be friends with, trying to be the center of attention, uses people in relationships, as well her role in the triangle-conflict fiasco. Notably, some fans of the show believe that Courtney "never does anything wrong" in the actual series and ignore everything evil she did, claiming she was an "angel" or a "princess" in situations, and blames on everyone else in the series like Heather, Gwen, Duncan, Alejandro, etc. It has been believed that Duncan got fed up with the way Courtney treated him and got revenge on her by going out with Gwen and tried to get back at Courtney at every way the same way she did to him in TDA. However, many fans have pointed out that Courtney is at fault and ultimately responsible for her actions, mostly throughout Season 2, 3, and 5.
  • One of the main criticisms Total Drama All-Stars received was the rebuilding of Courtney's and Gwen's friendship only to have it ruined again due to Courtney's behavior and planned betrayal, being this one of the reasons for which the first half of the fifth season was poorly received. According to the creators, however, they never had the intention to redeem Courtney as many fans hoped.
  • In Total DramaRama, the toddler Courtney is less evil than her older self in the main series, being much kinder although her bossiness remains. However, Total DramaRama is set in an alternate universe and doesn't share continuity with the main Total Drama series.


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