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Stay away from my man!
~ Courtney to Charlotte

Courtney Sham is a minor antagonist in Henry Danger. She came from the town of Fibberton over to Swellview, so that Jasper could prove he has a girlfriend. She hates Charlotte and tried to murder her because she thought Jasper was falling in love with her.

She is portrayed by Jada Facer.


She seemed to be nice, but have a somewhat creepy vibe until she thought Jasper was in love with Charlotte. Then her creepy and psycho murderer side showed. She seems to be very possessive of Jasper and very jealous of Charlotte


First, she had loosened a ceiling fan and told Charlotte that it was making a weird sound and that something looks broken. She tells Charlotte to stand under the being fan and lookup. Charlotte does what she says, and Courtney presses the button on the ceiling fan remote, and the ceiling fan nearly falls on Charlotte's head, but she jumps out of the way just in time.

Later, she chases Charlotte around with a chainsaw, and then Henry comes and tries to stop her, making Courtney chase around both Henry and Charlotte. Then Henry pushes her out the window to save Charlotte. Courtney then utters "I'll get you for that! I'll get you!", possibly hinting that she may return in the future.

But however since Henry Danger ended, it's completely unknown what happened to Courtney afterwards. She could possibly return in Danger Force.


  • Courtney Sham can be compared to Nora Dershlit, another villain from a Dan Schneider show.

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