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You'll never understand! None of you! What we've had to keep covered up all these long years...
~ Courtney Sithe's villainous breakdown.

Courtney Sithe (also known as Courtney Stevens) is a major antagonist in The Great Ace Attorney duology, being one of the two main antagonists (alongside Enoch Drebber) of the third case of the second game, "The Return of the Great Departed Soul". She is the Head Coroner of Scotland Yard and an expert on forensic sciences.

She is also one of the members of The Professor conspirators, being one of the members that worked on the autopsy of the Professor's final victim, and the actual murderer of Odie Asman.



The Professor Conspiracy

When she was known by the surname of Courtney Stevens, she was studying as an assistant of Professor John Wilson alongside the then exchange student Professor Yujin Mikotoba. One day they were tasked with having an autopsy on Klint Van Zieks, one of The Professor's victims. Having been tasked by Mael Stronghart to clear up the real identity of The Professor, John Wilson claimed to encounter a ring on the stomach of Klint when both of his assistants weren't looking, with Mikotoba having his doubts, but ultimately couldn't refute the evidence at hand.

With that piece of evidence it was possible to arrest the supposed Professor, Genshin Asogi and put into court, where he would be found guilty and be thrown into jail for the death penalty. However, Genshin actually made a deal with the government to release after he was supposedly executed if he admitted guilt on his trial, which would be assisted by Courtney Stevens as the coroner to confirm his supposed death and be sent out into a coffin where he would be capable of getting out as a free man back to his family.

However, when he was getting out of his coffin, Enoch Drebber who was already accustomed on grave robbing on that same graveyard decided to dig up his grave in order to rob him of his belongings. When Enoch discovered that he was actually alive however, he was horrified by this fact, which made two people who were already spying on the event decide to shoot Genshin in order for the conspiracy surrounding him disappear and never get into anyone's mouth.

Odie Asman

Unfortunately for everyone on the deal, while many newspapers caught on the fact that a dead person rise up from his grave, it would be Odie Asman, at the time a journalist, that would reveal the name of Enoch Drebber unto the public, ruining his reputation in the process as a student and a future scientist.

In the process, he would also found out about the professor's conspiracy that would've involved the coroner of the Professor, revealed to be Courtney. Once he found out, he would blackmail her with the truth if she didn't gave Asman money under the disguise of buying 500 scalpels from time to time.

In the following years, Courtney would eventually become Head Coroner of Scotland Yard, and eventually would have a daughter named Maria Gorey, which she would educate on forensic sciences, eventually dawning the name of Courtney Sithe.

The Return of the Departed Soul

During the Great Exhibition, where many scientific projects would be demonstrated, young Professor Albert Harebrayne and his now turned investor Odie Asman would show his machine of "super-high-voltage instantaneous kinesis", in which Odie Asman would be his test subject. However, when the machine was activated, it would start pouring much smoke, eventually exploding alongside another explosion near the Crystal Tower, in which a figure would crash from above the tower, and Odie Asman would eventually be found dead.

During the initial investigation, Courtney would be tasked with investigating the body of Odie Asman which was claimed to have teleported to the upside of the Crystal Tower. However, she only found a mannequin and a note that read that if she did not follow the instructions, the truth of the Professor's conspiracy would be revealed. She would comply by the note and began following the orders of the note, which read that she had to move the body of Odie Asman, which was actually underneath the teleporting machine and supposedly died from the fall, to the crashing site of the mannequin so that the illusion that the machine really worked would be kept.

Having her men arranging the crime scene to comply with the orders, Courtney would personally go underneath the machine and find Odie Asman's body to bring it to the crashing site, she actually found out that Odie was still alive from falling down the machine. Seeing her chance to get revenge and to keep him silent from the conspiracy once and for all, he would stab him in the heart, finally killing him for good. To which she would then follow the next orders of the note, which would include falsifying the autopsy.

Investigation, Day 2

Eventually, Naruhodo and Susato would encounter Courtney educating her daughter in more forensic sciences, and when she eventually encounters them, she tells them to get out of her working place, however, Naruhodo would encounter the receipt of the massive order of scalpels, which caused him to be suspicious of her. She would later encounter them again alongside Herlock Sholmes, Tobias Gregson and Gina Lestrade when they encountered the hiding place of Enoch Drebber.

Trial, Day 2

After questioning Enoch for quite a time, Naruhodo eventually deduces that Courtney could be involved in the case due to inconsistencies on the autopsy file, but because of her position, he couldn't just ask her to step into the witness stand unless it was clear she was related to the case. So he had to figure out that both of them are connected to the professor's case, which was enough for Courtney to show up as a witness.

Eventually, he revealed that both of them were involved in the crime with Courtney finally pleading guilty for having been involved in the crime and having moved Odie's corpse to the crystal tower. However, Naruhodo wasn't convinced by this confession, and felt that there was still something that she wasn't telling us, and by having checking his evidence case one more time, he figures out that Courtney was actually trying to hide the fact that she murdered Odie Asman herself when he was revealed to have survived from the fall.


Slamming her desk, she yells at the court for their naivety not knowing anything of what she was involved with, seemingly fed up with everything she was involved with and angry at the fact that she's going to be the only one punished for this crime.

In the credits, her daughter shows up at her cell to visit her, saying that she's glad that her mother is still alive, despite what she has done.


  • While the third case is already considered one of the most difficult cases to solve of the series, the part where you reveal that Courtney was the actual murderer of Odie Asman is considered the hardest part to reveal of the case, with the actual evidence to point out (the blood actually dripping down instead of around) being particularly tiny.
  • Courtney Sithe is one of the only culprits in the series to actually show up on the credits, probably because in the credits she's shown to still love her daughter, meaning that she isn't as bad as other culprits in the series.


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