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Cousin Eddy is a character in the video game Twisted Metal: Head-On and the game's mid-boss.


Early life

Cousin Eddy was born in the backwater town of Sour Creek which can't be located on any map. He is the offspring of his cousins after they performed incest. As a result, Eddy's brain is underdeveloped.

By the mere age of 10 years, Cousin Eddy was the strongest person in Sour Creek. When Eddy became a teenager, he developed two hobbies: smashing and collecting shiny objects such as hubcaps. During Eddy's adulthood, he became bored after collecting every shiny object in Sour Creek. He decided to leave his home town and travel the world in search of other things to collect or smash.

Twisted Metal

Eventually, Cousin Eddy came across the Twisted Metal contest which is hosted by Calypso. Eddy viewed Twisted Metal as paradise. He decided to compete in the contest even though he wasn't invited.

Eddy immediately returned to Sour Creek. He used his own brute strength to intimidate a group of drifters into helping him. Together, they rebuilt a trashed RV into a vehicle that is designed for combat. Once complete, Eddy entered Twisted Metal.

Eddy managed to win the contest and visited Calypso. Surprised to see an uninvited contestant, Calypso refused to grant any wish for Cousin Eddy. Frustrated, Eddy strangled Calypso and threatened to punch him. Forced to cooperate, Calypso granted Cousin Eddy a new RV. Satisfied, Eddy drove away while Calypso regretted what he just did.


  • Cousin Eddy is one of the few drivers to enter the Twisted Metal contest without being invited. The others are Marcus Kane and Warhawk. All three of them serve as bosses.
  • Cousin Eddy is believed to be a replacement for Minion who is normally a recurring boss in the Twisted Metal series.
  • Cousin Eddy's vehicle is based on the real-life 1972 Ford Condor II.


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