Ha Ha Ha Ha Bang Bang
~ Mortimer's catchphrase.

Mortimer Trouble Brush, also known as Cousin Mortimer, is the cousin of Basil Brush and a recurring antagonist in CBBC sitcom The Basil Brush Show.

He was played by Don Austen.


In his first appearance in the series, Mortimer pretended to be kind and helpful to locals, but this was to earn their trust and was secretly stealing from them and getting Basil into trouble. He was later revealed to have been in prison, but got released, but still caused havoc.

In the third series, Mortimer and Basil had to get along for 24 hours without fighting or arguing. However, they over-wound the wind-up clock and started fighting a minute too early. He later appeared at Basil's wedding to Kelly Foxwell, but in the end, Kelly liked Mortimer more.

In the fourth series episode "Manic Organic" Mortimer attempts to sell Anil Toxic Waste. When Anil's cafe starts failing as Basil and his friends start selling organic products he buys the stuff from Mortimer and they cover the garden in Toxic Waste. But this backfires when it causes the vegetables to grow rapidly and large and Anil eventually decides to join them and help sell their products in his cafe. Unfortunately the mutated vegetables causes rapid hair and beard growth, but Mortimer sells them cheap razors which they sell to the customers who buy the veg.

Mortimer also later worked with "Sinister and sadistic scientists" to capture Mr. Stephen's clone for experimentation, but tricked Basil and company into thinking he was helping them. Eventually, after his etrayal was revealed, the scientists kept Mortimer for animal testing.

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