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The Covenant Forces were the military arm of the Covenant. Those that occupied Harvest were under the leadership of the Prophet of Regret and his second-in-command, Ripa 'Moramee.




Grunts fight in lances under the command of a Minor Elite or Minor Brute (if the Brute Army Commander is the leader). Their starting special attack is where the members of the squad will throw Plasma Grenades at the target.

  • Upgrade 1 (Peons): Adds an extra Grunt to the squad for better combat capabilities.
  • Upgrade 2 (Needler): The Grunts upgrade their Plasma Pistols to Needlers for greater damage.
  • Upgrade 3 (Deacon): Adds a Grunt deacon to the squad to boost combat value for their religion.


These Jackals fight in pairs for each Jackal unit. They provide a good defense against infantry but little defense against vehicles, grenades, and explosives.

  • Upgrade 1 (Defense Gauntlet): Gives both Jackal's hand-held energy shields to defend themselves but will collapse if damaged too much.
  • Upgrade 2 (Beam Rifle): Jackals swap their Covenant Carbines for Beam Sniper Rifles for more damage.
  • Upgrade 3 (Supreme Gauntlet): Defense Gauntlets will not collapse when taking damage.


Hunters are heavily armored and armed with fuel rod cannons, serving as the Covenant's anti-vehicle infantry.

  • Upgrade 1 (Bonded Shield): Adds Hunter's shield which deflects many projectiles.
  • Upgrade 2 (Spirit Bond): If both Hunters are alive, they will deal greater damage.
  • Upgrade 3 (Assault Beam): Fuel Rod Cannon is upgraded to a powerful beam for greater damage.



Ghosts are light vehicles that are used as scouts and light infantry.

  • Upgrade 1 (Boosted Ram): Similiar to the Warthog's ram special ability, the Ghost gains to ram into a target and kill it.
  • Upgrade 2 (Strafe): The Ghost can evade incoming projectile attacks.
  • Upgrade 3 (Scout Shield): Ghosts are given shields to take more damage.

Chopper (Brute)

Choppers are the Brute counterparts of Ghosts.

  • Upgrade 1 (Autocannons): Adds a pair of explosive twin cannons.
  • Upgrade 2 (Stabilizers): Improves accuracy of Chopper's gun damage.
  • Upgrade 3 (Ramming Targe): Increases ramming damage.


Wraiths are the main battle tank of the Covenant and are armed with a powerful plasma mortar and a plasma turret.


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