They're in standard formation, little bastards up front, big ones in back.

A Lance is the second smallest known organization of Covenant military units. They are usually made up of lesser races led by an Elite or Brute.



A lance is usually commanded by Elite and Brute Minors and Majors, and it also contains a file of four Grunt Minors and one Major. Sometimes, an Elite or Brute will oversee the command of three lances in battle.


A lance of Jackals usually consist of a group of four to six Jackal infantry, with one or two Majors and the rest being Minors. They are sometimes led by an Elite or Brute, though not always.


A lance of Drones is usually nothing more than a swarm of around a dozen or so Drone soldiers. As they are very mobile and constantly mobile, they are not commanded by a higher race member.

Science Lance

Formed to recover and examine captured technology, science lances were dispatched by the High Prophet of Regret in 2525 to the Damascus Testing Facility to study captured technology. The special Elite strike teams consisted of Zealots and led by a Field Marshal may be a science lance.

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