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The Covetous Demon is a minor antagonist and boss in Dark Souls II. He was once a regular man whose infatuation for Mytha, the Baneful Queen, would get the best of him, and in desperation to get his love returned, he bloated himself into a monster.


The Covetous Demon was one of Queen Mytha's servants who was deeply in love with her beauty, but his affections were not returned as Mytha only had interest in the Old Iron King. He came up with the idea of expressing his desire for her by eating a lavish amount of food. Despite still not being admired by the queen, the man continued to eat uncontrollably, going as far as to consume the hollow prisoners of the queen. His gluttony got the best of him and he eventually transformed into a large slug-like monster, fully intent on eating anyone and anything that comes near.

The Covetous Demon can be found at the base of the windmill tower of Earthen Peak. While his attacks are very slow, they deal massive chunks of damage should they impact the player. Such attacks include swiping his claws, lunging his body at the player in an attempt to crush them, or swinging his tail. He can spit a liquid at the player, and should the player be directly in front of him, he can grab them with his mouth and chew on them, dealing heavy damage and unequips all of the player’s weapons, clothing, and items.

Above the Covetous Demon are two pots containing Undead Laborers. Shooting one of the pots will release the laborer. It will cower and distracts the Covetous Demon who immediately eats it, allowing the player to deal extra damage until the laborer is devoured. Defeating the monster grants further access to the Earthen Peak to Mytha's lair.

A second albino Covetous Demon can be found near the bottom of Frozen Eleum Loyce in the Crown of the Ivory King DLC. While its battle is exactly the same as the one fought in Earthen Peak, it is slightly stronger both physically and defensively and there are no hollow prisoners to distract it. Judging the numerous corpses found in its arena, it can be believed that it too has a diet for humans. It drops the Ivory Warrior Ring upon death.





  • The Covetous Demon's theme is the same theme used for Prowling Magus and Congregation.


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