The Cowboy Robots are an enemy faction from the online game Champions Online. Originally, they were peaceful robots designed to entertain families at the Snake Gulch Amusement Park- however, due to mysterious interference (which is later hinted at being VIPER), these peaceful robots are hijacked and become vicious killers, who re-enact the Old West to its logical extreme.

The Cowboy Robots see Snake Gulch as their town now and defend it from any and all hero "attacks", as well as terrorize the humans they once entertained- often trying to hang them or other casual acts of violence, which are encouraged by a crazed subgroup of the Cowboy Robots who have formed a cult worshiping the dangerous Mechanon as a god and "savior" of machines.

Despite their aggression, there is a small resistance group within the Cowboy Robots who want to return to the old days of serving humans rather than harming them and see the new Mechanon cult as fools, since Mechanon can only experience and understand hate.