The Coyotes are the main antagonistic faction in Nickelodeon's 16th animated feature film Barnyard. They are a pack of wild coyotes led by Dag. Unlike their leader, they do not speak at all, instead making regular coyote noises. However, one of them spoke during the final battle.

Their vocal sound effects were provided by Frank Welker.


Dag and the Coyotes are first seen trying to steal chickens from the Barnyard, only to be stopped by Otis' foster father, Ben. He had sacrificed himself to save the hens and succumbed from his injuries after his fight with Dag and the Coyotes.

Later, Ben's adoptive son Otis tries to take vengeance on Dag, but he lost his burst of courage as soon as the coyotes noticed him. Dag sadistically shames Otis by telling him that things would have been different if he was there for Ben. He then makes a "deal" with Otis, telling him that he will only steal a few animals each night, but if he tried to do something about it, he and his pack would slaughter every animal in sight, possibly including the farmer. In the morning, Otis decided to leave the barnyard, realizing that he had no chance.

However, the next morning, Otis was informed that the coyotes took all the hens and his chick friend, Maddy, making Otis realize that Dag double-crossed him, since he wasn't expecting him and the coyotes until tonight. Otis then went off to the junkyard to rescue the chickens.

Otis arrives at the junkyard just in time to prevent Dag from devouring Maddy, but Dag's goons easily overpower him. Fortunately, Miles the mule, Pip the mouse, Freddie the ferret, Peck the rooster, Pig the pig, and the Jersey Cows arrive to help Otis and Dag's goons were easily defeated.

Dag and the Coyotes did not return in any episode of Back at the Barnyard, but he & his pack were seen in several games.


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