Whaddaya mean wimpy?
~ The Crab's response to Fly calling him wimpy.

The Crab is a minor antagonist of the 2000 English/Danish animated film Help! I'm a Fish. He is a soldier-like crab and a minion of Joe.

In the Danish version, he was voiced by Ulf Pilgaard. In the English version, he was voiced by David Bateson, who played Shark in the same film and also played Agent 47 in the Hitman video game series of the same name.


When Joe acquired the antidote that enhanced the intelligence of fish, he found the Crab and gave him a little drop. Afterward, the Crab became enhanced, and became the leader of an army of crab soldiers. The Crab became one of Joe's minions, alongside Joe's enforcer, the strong but dimwitted Shark.

Once Joe captured Fly, Chuck and Stella and locked them into the cage, Crab counted repeatedly and fell asleep until Stella's seahorse friend Sasha disturbed him. Sasha succeeded in breaking the cage, leaving them free, but Crab called in his soldier crabs and ordered them to attack Fly and his friends.

Crab, Joe, Shark and their armies eventually find the group. After Crab strikes down Fly with a powerful punch of his claw, he was mutated into a more anthropomorphic form upon drinking the potion, replacing his claws with hands. The potion caused Crab to become more greedy and egoistical, and he decided to take over by stealing Joe's title as the new ruler of the fish. However, his plans were stopped by a whirlwind caused by Professor Mac Krill's suction device, resulting in Crab, Joe, Shark and their armies getting sucked up. Crab got into a heated argument with Joe and Shark, which ended when Shark devoured him.


Having been transformed by the antidote, he has a large head with an enlarged chin and sharp teeth. He wears a metal helmet on his head. Later, after drinking more antidote, he gets hands and starts standing on his hind legs.


The Crab had no personality before getting the antidote, but after getting it, he became a cunning commander and dogmatic soldier. The Crab also enjoys counting, repeatedly saying "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6." while watching over Fly and his friends. When Crab drank the antidote and became more enhanced, he also became arrogant and egotistical, betraying Joe in order to become the ruler of the ocean.


  • Out of all the villains, Crab is the one that came closest to successfully kill the protagonists. However, unlike Joe, who is always portrayed seriously, Crab is often shown to have comedic moments and is not treated as a sufficient threat for most of the film, especially when combined with his undignified demise, in which he literally is devoured by Shark after declaring himself the new leader.
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