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The Crab Spiders are antagonists in the adult animated science fiction sitcom Rick and Morty. They are supporting antagonists in season one episode ten called "Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind". The Crab Spiders are large purple four-legged spider-like aliens with four crab-like claws, seven eyes and a vertical mouth. Their bodies are covered by a purple shell. Every ten seconds they make a snickering sound, and they are capable of speaking the English language.


The Crab Spiders would come to existence on a planet only known as Hideout Planet. They would continue their usual lifestyle until Evil Rick and Evil Morty arrived. The Crab Spiders would then work for them as their henchmen and operate as security for the evil duo's hidden base on the Hideout Planet. They would continue monitoring their base until after they captured Rick and Morty, where most were killed by the other parallel Mortys that were being held prisoners.


Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind

The Crab Spiders make their appearance known when Rick and Morty infiltrate Evil Rick and Evil Morty's base. They ambush and surround Rick and Morty. After Evil Rick and Evil Morty meet Rick and Morty, the Crab Spiders continue providing security to the base until Morty leads the other Mortys into a rebellion and overwhelm the Crab Spiders. After Evil Rick's death and Evil Morty fleeing, most of the Crab Spiders died during the battle against the Mortys. It is unknown what happened to the remaining Crab Spiders that survived.





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