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Crabdozer is the Nemetrix's DNA sample of a Crabdozer from the planet-like star Pyros.

Crabdozer is the predatory species of Pyronites.


Crabdozer is a huge, rock-based life form with a crab-like body and a rhino-like face. Crabdozer walks on six crab-like legs and has spikes on her legs. She has a long horn and small ears. Crabdozer has a dark purple/grey color scheme with sunken red eyes.

Crabdozer wears a red spiked collar with the Nemetrix on it.

Powers and Abilities

  • As its size suggests, Crabdozer has enhanced strength and durability.
  • Crabdozer is very fast for its size, as it was able to keep up with Spidermonkey.
  • Crabdozer can smash through almost any thick wall with its horn.
  • Crabdozer cannot be harmed by fire.
  • Crabdozer can put out Heatblast by placing him inside of its mouth.

Ben 10: Omniverse


  • Crabdozer first appeared in The More Things Change: Part 1.
    • Crabdozer was sent by Khyber as a test to see if Ben was "worthy prey". Crabdozer fought Spidermonkey. She proved to be more then a match for Spidermonkey, but Khyber called Crabdozer back before she could finish him off.
  • In Of Predators And Prey: Part 1,
    • Crabdozer attacked Ben at the mall. After being trapped by Stinkfly, Crabdozer turned into Buglizard.
    • Later, Crabdozer defended Khyber from Heatblast before turning into Terroranchula to battle Ball Weevil.
  • In Of Predators And Prey: Part 2,
    • Crabdozer defeated Heatblast in Khyber's ship. She was then defeated by Armodrillo.
  • In Outbreak,
    • Crabdozer appeared when the Nemetrix was malfunctioning and rammed into Khyber before he managed to subdue her. Crabdozer reverted when Dr. Psychobos repaired and perfected the Nemetrix.
  • In Malefactor,
    • Crabdozer battled Heatblast, who turned into Armodrillo and defeated her.

Khyber's Panuncian

  • In A Fistful of Brains,
    • Crabdozer prepared to battle Ben.
  • In For a Few Brains More,



  • Crabdozer's name was revealed by Rook in Of Predators and Prey: Part 2.
  • Crabdozer's name is a play on the words crab and bulldozer.
  • Crabdozer was the first alien seen used in the Nemetrix, just like Heatblast was the first to be seen used in the Omnitrix.


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