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Cractus is the boss of the Emerald Passage in Wario Land 4. He is a giant, undead, venus-fly trap-like monster that has been planted in a vase and rather adamantly refuses to leave said vase.

Boss battle

When Wario enters his room, Cractus is still asleep; however, he immediately awakens when Wario smashes his (Cractus') vase, also causing said plant beast to suddenly begin hovering around said room while attacking Wario with his thorny hands and drooling out "evil" saliva that transforms Wario into a zombie if he makes contact with it. Once Cractus has been defeated, he vanishes in a cloud of smoke, leaving behind a large golden crown.


  • The way in which Cractus is "drawn" and animated looks/is eerily reminiscent of Ren Hoek.
  • If/when Cractus actually manages to successfully zombify Wario with his aforementioned "evil" saliva, he very annoyingly mocks Wario for said misfortune until Wario reverses said transformation by touching the firefly that conveniently appears in Cractus' room whenever said transformation occurs.
  • The name "Cractus" is most likely a reference to the fact that Cractus himself acts extremely drug-intoxicated during/throughout Wario's battle against him, in addition to its obvious similarity to the word "cactus".
  • Due to how comically long his "recovering from hits" animation is, Cractus can very easily be stun-locked to death by immediately attacking his perpetually exposed weak point again as soon as the Mercy Invincibility that he gains after each hit that Wario lands on said weak point wears off; beating him quickly enough to obtain all three of his treasure chests on Super Hard Mode almost (if not outright) requires players to exploit this.


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