Crado was a Dark Jedi who studied under Exar Kun and a villain in the Star Wars series.


Crado was happy with his mate Sylvar who was also a Jedi. They both learned from Vodo-Siosk Baas on Dantooine. Exar Kun was also a Jedi who studied under Baas and proved to be more powerful than Crado. Despite this, Crado seeks to impress Kun and tries to help him in anyway possible. He helped him defeat Master Baas by giving him another lightsaber.

After the duel, Exar Kun declares himself a Jedi Knight and leaves Dantooine to seek knowledge of the Sith. Master Baas later told Crado and the other Jedis that the dark side Krath has made attacks on the Republic and begins to rise. Crado proposes Sylvar to get married and return to their homeworld Cathar. She rejects it because she wants to remain true to the Jedi believe.

After becoming a Sith Lord and finding the knowledge of the dark side, Exar Kun travels to the libray world of Ossus. There he finds Crado and several Jedis that wish to join him. Crado and the other Dark Jedis help Kun find Sith artifacts under the promise that Kun would establish a new Jedi Order. When Exar Kun left for Coruscant, Crado was sent to assasinate a Jedi Master named Thon.

After the assasination failed, Crado retreated to his master Exar Kun and begged to give another chance. Kun sends him to go along with Aleema Keto to destroy a Republic fleet. He was named as Keto's battle commander and leaves with Keto to the flagship Corsair. Using the ship, they manipulated the star energies to destroy the Republic ships. They realized eventually that they have been betrayed Exar Kun and his apprentice.  A supernova was created as result which killed Keto and Crado.

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