Cragalanche the Mighty is a minor antagonist in the video game, Kid Icarus: Uprising. He is one of the members of the Forces of Nature, under the command of Viridi.


Cragalanche makes his debut as the boss of Chapter 11 in the game.

As Pit was at one of Viridi's Reset Bomb blast areas, Viridi sent Cragalanche to stop Pit. He attempted to crush Pit, but he missed by a few inches. Eventually, Pit managed to find Cragalanche in the Rest Bomb Forest, and processed to fight him. Cragalanche attacks with his rock-hard fists, creating small shockwaves, summon five rocks and throws them in five different directions, and various other abilities. Despite being a creature made out of rocks, he is also rather fast. But Despite his amazing defense and powerful attacks, he has a weak spot on his back, or rather "butt" as the game implies, that he was "supposed to get it fixed". Pit can attack this spot for greater damage, as well as the spot on his elbow. After a long battle, Pit immediately managed to defeat and kill Cragalanche.

However, Cragalanche was recreated by Dyntos as part of Trial one in the Great Scared Treasure Trials. Cragalanche still have his weak spot and he was defeated roughly the same was as before.


  • Cragalanche likely draws his name from the words "crag" and "avalanche".
  • Cragalanche bears a resemblance to the original Kid Icarus enemy, Rokman.



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