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Craig is a minor antagonist from Arby 'n' The Chief. He is a player of Halo who likes to brag about being MLG and believes himself to be one of the best Halo players ever because he's MLG.

He is voiced by Jon Graham.


Craig and Master Chief met over Xbox LIVE. Craig pretended to be Chief's friend in order to mess with him. Chief later introduced Arbiter to Craig and his girlfriend, Krystal.

Craig later made fun of Master Chief and Arbiter, causing Chief to cry to Arbiter. Arbiter later demanded Craig apologize. Craig responded that he would only apologize if Chief could beat him in a match of Halo 3 slayer, which Arbiter reluctantly agreed to.

The match between Chief and Craig took place on the map "Blackout". However, not believing Chief had the skills to beat Craig, Arbiter secretly disconnected Chief's controller and took control of his character in the game. However, Chief discovered Arbiter after getting up to get more beer. Chief initially gets upset, but Arbiter apologizes and says that he can defeat Craig.

In the match, Craig manages to gain the upper hand using cheap tactics such as camping. After killing Chief a few times, Craig decides to celebrate by masturbating. However, his parents overhear him and go in his room to confront him. With Craig away from his console, Master Chief manages to kill him dozens of times, resulting in him winning the match. After seeing the Chief beat him, Craig breaks down crying, thinking that no one would think he was cool because he got beat by a noob.

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