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He's the luckiest kid in the world. If I could say 'shitballs' to the principal, I would be soooo happy.
~ Craig talking about Cartman

Craig Tucker is a character from the TV Series, South Park. He is a classmate of the main characters Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman and Kenny McCormick. His most distinguishing physical feature is his blue chullo hat, which he is rarely seen without. A notable trait of his character was his tendency to flip people off, often with no reason for doing so.

Earlier in the show's run, he would serve as a rival to the boys, leading his own group (usually made up of himself, Clyde Donovan, and Token Black, with the fourth slot being most commonly filled out by Tweek Tweak or Jimmy Valmer) but over time, he has become less antagonistic.

He is voiced by co-creator Matt Stone.


Craig is noticeably one of the more stoic and cynical children in his class, possessing a somewhat deadpan personality and a dull, often emotionless voice.

In earlier episodes of the series, Craig was shown to be somewhat of a troublemaker and was frequently seen waiting outside the counselor's office (in fact, his first speaking role had him being lectured by Mr. Mackey inside his office). This was seen primarily in how he would often flip people off for no discernible reason (a trait he inherited from his family, as seen in "Tweek Vs Craig"). He was last seen making the gesture in the episode "Fun With Veal".

Lately, however, Craig's more negative traits have been subdued, and he tends to remain neutral in the midst of conflict. He also tends to display more positive emotions, smiling more frequently.

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