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Craig and Kurt are minor antagonists in Princess Labelmaker to the Rescue.


On the day that the sixth-grade class was supposed to take a class photo for the yearbook, Murky came to school wearing a pink shirt. Craig and Kurt thought Murky was gay and didn't want him to be in their picture with them. So they told him that the picture would be taken in a different room, and Murky fell for it. Therefore, the picture was taken without Murky.

Tater Tot, who is friends with Craig and Kurt, told the rebel leaders about Craig and Kurt's actions. The rebels devised a plan where Rhondella stole the sixth-grade class picture out of the yearbook teacher's files and put it on a Flash drive. Kellen and Lance took a picture of Murky in his pink shirt and Photoshopped it into the picture. As payback, they gave Craig and Kurt pink shirts as well. Rhondella took the Flash drive back and replaced the file on the yearbook teacher's computer with the edited one.


  • They were said to "look-and smell-like Gamorrean Guards."