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Crane American Ultra

Crane was a villainess in the 2015 film, American Ultra.

Crane was played by Monique Ganderton. Ganderton previously appeared in Sleepy Hollow's first season episode, "Blood Moon," as evil witch Serilda.


She was one of two evil agents enlisted by Adrian Yates to take out Mike and Phoebe, who were both in a police station (the other agent being Laugher).

While Laugher goes after Mike, Crane shoots and kills all of the officers at the station. Crane encounters the pair after they escape from the jail and tosses a grenade at Mike, who catches it and tosses it Crane's way, blowing up the station. After that, Crane and Mike battle it out, ending with Mike killing Crane by snapping her neck. Unlike with Laugher, no backstory was provided for Crane.

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