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The Crane School is an aggressive martial arts school and an antagonistic faction in the anime and manga Dragon Ball series. Founded by Tsurusen'in, they are minor antagonists in the Fortuneteller Baba Saga, the main antagonists of Tenshinhan Saga, and the secondary antagonists of Piccolo Jr. Saga.


The Crane School was founded by Tsurusen'in following the King Piccolo Wars and the death of his master Mutaito. The school continued Mutaito's teachings but their was a darker and more aggressive side while also being probably inspired by King Piccolo's Demon Clan as many of the brutal characteristics of it's members and the destructive force of some techniques of the Crane School resemble them. It is the rival of Master Roshi's Turtle School.

Their style is taught by Tsurusen'in and his younger brother Tao Pai Pai who also works as a assassin and hitman. Their colors are green and yellow even though Tao Pai Pai uses his own colors. Their top students are Tenshinhan and Chaozu. They were both trained by the two brothers in order to become assassins, especially Tenshinhan who was the stronger and most promising of the two. The school's specialties and most well known moves are the Flying technique or Sky Dance, the Dodon Ray, the Solar Flare and the Kikoho or Tri Beam which is their most powerful technique.

After the Turtle School's spectacular performance in the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament, Tsurusen'in decided to let his pupils to enter the next tournament in order to win an humiliate Roshi. Three years later the trio entered the tournament and soon they started to mock Roshi, their students as well as their friends. Tenshinhan in particular started to pick fights with the eldest Turtle School pupil Yamcha and the two eventually fought in the first match. After a hard duel Tenshinhan proved to be much stronger and defeated Yamcha without having to use any of his best techniques. However, he didn't stop there and broke Yamcha's leg despite him being unconscious. In the third match Chaozu faced Krillin another Turtle School student. He used his Flying technique and the Dodon Ray to gain the upper hand as well as his Psychic powers. However, Krillin managed to outsmart him and win. During that match, Goku noticed the Dodon Ray and was reminded of Tao Pai Pai using it on him three years ago. Tenshinhan heard that and asked him about him to which Goku replied that he killed him. Soon he informed his master who after hearing it was enraged and ordered his pupils to kill the Turtle School students and avenge his brother. He even attempted to assasinate Goku in the night himself during an anime-only scene. In the first semi-final Tenshinhan faced Roshi disguised as Jackie Chun who tried to talk some sense to him and make him realise than his skills are wasted by serving the Crane Hermit and decided to withdraw much to the Crane School student's surprise. In the final match he faced Goku and the two seemed equal until Tsurusen'in decided to cheat and ordered Chaozu to stun Goku with his psychic powers in order for Tien to win. That infuriated Tien who claimed that he doesn't like to win that way and that he no longer wants to kill Goku thus betraying his master who decided to kill them both along with Chaozu who also refused to aid him. Roshi intervened just in time and blasted him away with a Kamehameha. Eventually, Goku lost the match and the two former Crane students became friends with the Turtle School and their friends.

After his defeat and betrayal of his students Tsurusen'in found his brother who barely survived and turned himself into half-cyborg. 3 years later Tao Pai Pai entered the tournament to seek revenge against Goku for injuring him and against his two former colleagues for betraying their school. He brutally beat Chaozu in the preliminaries and went to face Tenshinhan in the first match of the finals. However, he was no match for him and started to cheat, even stabbing him with a hidden blade. He then used the Super Dodon Ray but was unsuccessful and was easily knocked down with one punch to the gut. Tien then carried his body to his former master and told them not to show their faces again.

Many years later, it was revealed that there was another student of the Crane School, a young girl named Yurin, who made her debut in Dragon Ball Super. At the same time, Tenshinhan opened a dojo of his own, which is an unofficial uccessor to the Crane School.



  • Master Roshi
  • Goku
  • Krillin
  • Yamcha
  • Bulma
  • Oolong
  • Puar
  • Launch
  • Nam
  • Tenshinhan (formerly)
  • Chiaotzu (formerly)


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