Crash is the titular protagonist of the 2012 Disney XD series Crash and Bernstein. But even though he is the main character, he is also one of the primary antagonists of the series.


Crash is a crazy energetic puppet who often tends to cause destruction and in some cases he acts like a complete jerk to Bernstein. He is not very bright and often harms himself in the process. He's often seen making fun of pesto in an attempt to have Bernstein all to himself. He also tends to terrorize Bernstein's family and is constantly causing trouble. Hes not really evil, but his stupidity often blinds him of his actions and eventually backfires. Inside however, he is very cool guy who just wants to have fun.

Evil and Jerk Moments

  • Crash lands: He immediately committed his first act by destroying a bunch of the antiques, and in the same episode he tore down a wall in the apartment.
  • Scaredy crash: He constantly makes fun of Bernstein's fear of bugs and even tried to cure him by putting bugs on him which just made it worse.
  • Coach crash: This was probably one of his worst acts in the series. When he became coach, he overworked the boys basketball team, even when they said they were tired he still made them exercise and he didn't have any remourse until they fired him.
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