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No one ruins my vacation!
~ One of the crater critters.
Since you ruined our favorite hotspot, it only seems fair that we get to RUIN THIS!
~ One of the crater critters in the parody.

The Crater Critters are a race of rock creatures and minor antagonists in Nickelodeon animated series My Life as a Teenage Robot. They only appeared in the episode "Last Action Zero", serving as the main antagonists.

They were voiced by Jim Wise and Dee Bradley Baker, who also voiced Lil' Acorn in the same series.


The crater critters travelled from Mercury to Earth to have some "vacations" by bathing on volcanoes. Jenny faces one of them but is constantly interrupted by Brad who wants to help her. When the creature was about to open Brad's head to eat his brains, he was frozen by the Skyway Patrol in time and was captured by them. However, as they all left with Brad, more creatures leave the spaceship and blame on Jenny for freezing the volcan, whom they engage in battle.

After defeating Jenny, they plan to eat her brain despite being pure metal. The Skyway Patrol arrive again, but they have to wait to receive the "attack forms" to do anything. The crater critters resume in trying to eat Jenny's brains. At the same time, the first crater critter breaks free from his frozen state and causes panic in the Skyway Patrol's ship.

Brad rushes to the pilot commands and freezes the crater critters on the volcano, saving Jenny's life in the process. Now with the help of Jenny, Brad uses the tons of forms he had to fill to shoot them at the last crater critter, drowning him in paper and defeating them at last.


  • Despite having female variants, all crater critters are voiced by male voice actors.
  • The crater critters wear swimsuits to identify each one as male or female crater critters.
  • The Crater Critters have gained some infamy online by notably appearing in a pornographic parody of My Life as a Teenage Robot known as "What What in the Robot". In the parody, they rape Jenny and are all male.


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