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Looks like the guy who ran this place. Looks like he figured himself as some kind of supreme leader.
~ Lee's opinion on Crawford Oberson.

Crawford Oberson is a character in Telltale's The Walking Dead video game series. He is the leader/dictator of a small survivor village in Savannah, Georgia called Crawford.


Around Every Corner

When Lee and Kenny first hear about Crawford the community from Molly (and later Vernon) they find out the horrid truth of how Oberson ran it. No elderly, sick, medically disabled, and children (under the age of 14) were allowed into Crawford and if they were in it they were either thrown out or executed. Oberson wanted a perfect utopia where only the fittest could survive.

A barrier of corpses and the walkers blocked off Crawford from the rest of the town. They also tapped the whole city of all medical, food, mechanical and military supplies. When Lee and the whole group sneak in to look for supplies they found that all of Crawford had been overrun by Walkers after a pregnant woman stabbed a doctor and shot up the place. After they escape through the bell tower.

When they reach the top they find Oberson as a Walker tied around a noose showing that he killed himself after trying to hang out in the bell tower after Crawford fell. He grabs Ben Paul and the player as Lee has the option to shoot and kill Oberson and save Ben or leave Crawford to kill him.

No Time Left

Although he does not appear in this episode he is mentioned several times. Stranger name him by "some villain".



  • Crawford Oberson is similar to William Carver. They both rule over their communities with an iron fist and are both drunk on power and status. However, while Carver created a stable community and had plans to ensure his future and legacy, Crawford just crumbled his city into itself by exiling the children and killing useful people for the mere suspicion they are sick.


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