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And then we worked hard and the experiment was going well. But our first real test came when a friendly Indian chief reported that a renegade riding a majestic white horse was plundering and burning ranches in the area. His name was Crazy Feathers, and it was our job to stop him.
~ Old Howard Clemmons telling his story about Crazy Feathers.

Crazy Feathers is a supporting antagonist in Joe Camp's 1976 film Hawmps?. He is a renegade Comanche chief.

He was portrayed by Alvin Wright.


Arthur Logan informs Clemmons that he was the only survivor of an Indian war in 1852 and he was held prisoner by the Comanches, presumably the tribe led by Crazy Feathers.

As weeks pass, the camel soldiers become proficient with their camels and Clemmons romances Jennifer. He is ordered to capture Crazy Feathers' renegade and Clemmons and his men pursue the outlaws, but they are thrown off their camels at a river. Later, Hi Jolly explains that camels are afraid of water; if Clemmons had dismounted and demonstrated the water was shallow, the camels would have crossed. When Clemmons whines that he is a failure, Jennifer scolds him for being too cowardly to fight for his career. The next morning, Clemmons proposes a 300-mile race to the town of Dos Rios between his camels and Tucker’s horses.

Crazy Feathers' tribe (or a similar tribe of Comanches) is seen watching Clemmons and Tucker's troops racing each other from a cliff.


  • He was credited as "C. Feathers" in the credits.


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