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Crazy Old Farmer is a recurring minor antagonist in the television series Beavis and Butthead who appears in the episodes "Cow Tipping" and "Bungholio: Lord of the Harvest". Due to his appearance it is possible that he is the exact same person as the Highland High School janitor or they may be related. He was voiced by Kristofor Brown.


There is not much known about the farmer, although it has been implied that he is a serial killer as red substance (possibly blood) could be seen in "Bungholio: Lord of the Harvest". Furthermore, in "Cow Tipping" a sign saying that trespassers will be prosecuted can be seen and only the farmer is at the sign's location which is another hint of him being a serial killer.

He can also be seen on FBI's Most Wanted list at the post office in an episode of the series' 2011 revival. He has pale blue-green skin and in Bungholio: Lord of the Harvest he has a deeper-pitched voice compared to his first appearance.


The farmer appears to be slow-witted and dangerously senile judging by the way he behaves during his appearances. He is shown to be homicidal, as he has tried to decapitate Beavis with a chainsaw. There is hints in both of his physical appearances that he might have killed multiple people (with the exception of Butt-Head) and he is seen on a Wanted poster in FBI headquarters in an episode of the show's 2011 revival.


  • There has been speculation that he may be related to Butt-Head being most likely his grandfather. This is because they have the same head shape and laughter along with similar voices and both have attacked Beavis at least twice.
  • Every time he appears in person there is creepy music in the background and the music gets more intense when he tries to kill Beavis.
  • Despite the Farmer's true identity not being revealed Butt-Head calls him "Chuckles" in Virtual Stupidity. It is unknown if this is his real name or not.
  • Crazy Old Farmer is the most dangerous antagonist in Beavis and Butt-Head as he has been implied to be a serial killer and he actually tried to kill Beavis in two separate instances (one being accompanied by Butt-Head, who also tried to kill Beavis).
  • The Farmer ranked #2 on the list of characters the fans wanted to see come back in the revival of the show. This happened only on technical level, however, since he appeared only on FBI's most wanted list.



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