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Scientist's other face

It's alive! Alive!
~ The Crazy Scientist.

The Crazy Scientist is a major antagonist and Monster Fighters minifigure released in 2012

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. He's an ally of Lord Vampyre. He has created a monster. He's based on Victor Frankenstein.


The Crazy Scientist has unprinted black legs, and a white torso. The torso is printed with several buttons, and a belt holding a beaker and a pair of pliers. His arms are white, and his hands black. He has a yellow double-sided head. One side features grey and yellow goggles, and a solemn expression. The other has a "crazy" smirk expression, and orange and grey lenses in his goggles. He has large, rubbery messy grey hair. He has a small thin black mustache. 


  • He is the only villain in the theme who is not a monster.
  • In the story video instead of zapping his monster he zapped himself.
  • He has a utility belt on him which includes a beaker and pliers.
  • It is odd that he has gray hair but a black mustache.
  • On one side of his double-sided head, his right eye is yellow, but on the other side, it's red, his left eye is grey on both sides.


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