Superstar being created

The Created Superstar was the protagonist villain of WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010's Road to Wrestlemania: Created Superstar Story. His goals is to become the Intercontinental champion as well as defeat both Vince McMahon and Santino Marella.

After defeating Kofi Kingston, Santino called in someone from the crowd to fight them but the unofficial superstar managed to take down Santino and keep the championship for himself. He managed to defeat many other superstars in Royal Rumble and other matches which angered Vince.

To further enrage McMahon, he messed up his big speech. Before Wrestlemania began, the superstar confronted Vince and told him to replace John Cena with him in order for the superstar to defeat Mr. McMahon in public brutally. After brutally defeating Vince, Santino attempted to take down the superstar by using a Chair but he knocked it out of his hand and prepared to punch him in the face. However, Mark Henry stopped him and the two teamed up on the superstar.

The superstar managed to defeat the two and then wanted to finally humiliate McMahon. McMahon was then brutally taken down by being smashed into one of the tables.

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