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Creation Prime is the main protagonist villain of the 1986 book Law of the Universe. It is the embodiment of the universe who created reality and controls life itself. He is also the central protagonist of the 2011 movie Law of the Universe. He was voiced by Vic Mignogna.


Creation Prime is a calm and benevolent creator deity, who treats his minions with kindness. He can be cruel at times, he also helps people. He cares about everyone, especially those who wronged or hated him. He is cold and cruel towards his enemies, and very friendly towards his allies. He despises everyone if they turned against him, and he will destroy anyone who disobeys him. He also treats anyone who obeys him with kindness. He has deep feelings for everyone and will destroy those who disobeys him.



  • Drakon
  • Pasalon
  • Milu
  • Angels
  • Grim Reaper
  • Hadron
  • Quwila
  • Light and Darkness
  • Wikil
  • Everyone (when they obey him)


  • Satan (archenemy)
  • Demons
  • Dark Angels
  • Gakal the Butcher
  • Piraga
  • Laos
  • Mushan
  • Mikil (rival, on & off ally)
  • Everyone (when they disobey him)
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