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The Creature was the titular main antagonist of the 1984 slasher horror flick The Prey. He was a gypsy who was severely burned as a child. However, he survived in the mountains, surviving off of animals and human beings alike.

He was portrayed by Carel Struycken, who has portrayed horror villains such as the Moonlight Man from Gerald’s Game as well as Doctor Sleep’s Grandpa Flick.



Creature was once a young boy living with a clan of Gypsies in the mountains. One horrid day, a forest fire started burning through their lands. Many Gypsies and animals alike died before the rangers could put out the fire. The boy fled the seen, though severely burned. He was never seen again.

Missing Persons In The Mountains

Several missing person reports have been sent to the forest rangers. They have been reported from the same place where the gypsies once lived. It is indicated that the boy survived and began killing people. The newest missing persons report was a elderly couple, whom were shown have been murdered.

New Prey

A group of friends travel to those mountains for an adventure. The boy, now a hulking creature, stalks the group. He then starts picking them off in pairs.

Final Confrontation

After killing 4 of the 6 friends, The Creature is finally revealed. Nancy and Bobby run off away from the creature. Bobby is killed by a trap she steps on. Nancy cowers in fear at the sight of the creature. However, a forest ranger tranquilizes and then knocks the creature unconscious with a log. The ranger goes to comfort Nancy, but is ambushed from behind and killed. The creature walks toward Nancy with a smile. The movie ends with a zoom in on a cave where a baby cry can be heard, indicating the creature raped Nancy.


  1. Frank Sylvester: Decapitated with an axe
  2. Mary Sylvester: Killed with an axe offscreen
  3. Gail: Suffocated with sleeping bag
  4. Greg: Throat torn out
  5. Skip: Head twisted 360 degrees
  6. Joel: Dropped from mountain side
  7. Bobby: Swung against a tree by a trap
  8. Mark O’Brien: Choked to death
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