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The Creepshow Creep is the host of and one of the primary antagonists in the 1982 EC horror film Creepshow and its sequel.





He is a skeletonized wizard who appears at the window of a young boy named Billy (portrayed by Joe Hill Stephen King's son) beckoning him to come closer and presents five tales of horror from the Creepshow comic book.

At the end of the film Billy's abusive father Stan (portrayed by Tom Atkins) who just throws away Billy's Creepshow comic book at the beginning of the film, complains about a stiff neck which escalates as Billy repeatedly jabs a voodoo doll he ordered from the Creepshow comic book. The image of Billy jabbing the voodoo doll appears on the second issue of Creepshow which is held by the Creep.

Although the Creep only laughs and cackles, his lines of dialect are only seen on the pages before the start of each tale.

Creepshow 2

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The Creepshow Creep in "Creepshow 2"

The Creepshow Creep returns for the second installment and is also the host and one of the main antagonists in the film Creepshow 2.

Unlike the previous Creepshow Creep, the second Creep is fully fleshed and talks as the original Creepshow Creep only cackles.

At the beginning of Creepshow 2 a delivery truck pulls up to a newsstand in a small town where a young boy named Billy (named after and confused with the boy from Creepshow) arrives, eagerly waiting for it. The truck's back shutter opens to reveal a sinister figure who drops off a package on the sidewalk: the latest issue of "Creepshow" much to Billy's delight. As the package opens on its own accord, Billy begins to read as the delivery man reveals his true identity as the Creepshow Creep.

The Creep presents three tales of horror and watches Billy lure some neighborhood bullies into a vacant lot as Giant Venus Flytraps emerge from the ground and devour the bullies one by one. The spectacle is witnessed by the Creep himself who cackles in glee as he drives off in his delivery truck to deliver the latest issue of "Creepshow" to another town.


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