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Come on, Miranda, you want this....
~ Creepy Shepard
~ Creepy Shepard

Creepy Shepard is the main protagonist of BoominBlox Creepy Shepard videos, he is a parody of the Commander Shepard, the main protagonist of the game Mass Effect trylogy. He is funny and darker version of the character that has some evil acts for comedy.


Creepy Shepard has the same height and Shepard's original voice, but he is much more dark and scary, creepy Shepard has a completely dead pale and scarred like the skin of an old skin, he has sharp blue eyes as if a knife, he has a giant nose with big ears, he has no hair, his head is completely bald. He has a very thick and scary voice, he wears an armor of N7 completely colored in different colors that appears more like comedy.


He has a very ignorant and scary personality, he gets angry easily, he also likes to verbally abuse women and mentally abusing other men, he seems to be obsessed with sex to the point of forcing Miranda to have sex with him yet he still appears to have hatred with women, he just women as sexual objects as instruments for fun.

He rarely shows facial expressions, everything he does is with a melancholy without expressions on his face, all he does is an expression with no emotions on his face even when he is excited or angry, he seems to hate the Reapers and the humanity, he does not care about their partners and also do not show any sympathy for anyone.


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