The Crescent Moon Mask is a Black Crusader Masked Monster. He wears a red crescent moon mask and black body suit.

He was voiced by Shōzō Iizuka.


Crescent Moon Mask's scheme involved creating a town filled with people abducted by him and his minions and then inject all those within the town with a drug that can turn people into werewolves upon his command. However, one of Crescent Moon Mask's subjects, Shiraishi, escaped from the town to return to his young daughter a week after he had been abducted by him.

Kaijo and Peggy follow him after discovering his scheme, with Akarenger being hurt while Momorenger sneaks into the town and discovers the wolf-man army Crescent Moon Mask was developing and the transformation of people in the town. Crescent Moon Mask and the Zolders attempt to capture Peggy, but she escapes.

Akarenger arrives with reinforcements as the other Gorenger take the infected onto Variblune to be treated with a cure. They attack the Masked Monster with Gorenger Storm but he survives, using the power of his staff to reform himself. At instruction, Aorenger fires a Blue Cherry at one of the crescent moons on the staff, destroying him permanently.

Powers and Abilities

Crescent Moon Mask's main weapon is a staff with two crescent moons upon it; its main ability is to transform any person infected with a drug developed by the Black Cross Army into a werewolf when hit by a beam of light emitted from the staff. He also possesses a motorcycle that is comparable to Akarenger's.


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