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The Crew of Submarine 714 are the antagonists of The Twilight Zone episode "The Thirty-Fathom Grave", being the undead crew of a submarine that was sunk by the Japanese during World War II. However, one of their number escaped with his life, and the crew is determined to make sure that that individual (Chief Bell), joins them in death.


In World War II, a US Naval Submarine was sunk during the Battle of the Eastern Solomons. The Japanese ships in the area had become alerted to it's presence because, while trying to change the infrared filter during, one of the sailors accidentally caused it to fall off. This one sailor, Bell, was able to survive the sinking of the submarine by getting knocked off of it before it went under, but all other hands on-board were lost.

Over two decades later, when a US Naval Destroyer that Bell was Chief of went near the area, the specters of the submarine's crew sensed his presence and, determined that he join them in death, began banging on the inside of the submarine with a hammer to get the attention of the diver the destroyer sent down to investigate. They also simultaneously began appearing before Bell (who was going mad in the face of remembering this dark part of his past) in spectral form and silently accusing him of being responsible for their deaths. Eventually, after Bell explains to his captain what his history with the submarine is, he admits to finally understanding that the sub's crew wants him to join them in death

Although Bell's captain tries to reassure him that he was not guilty of cowardice and was not responsible for the sinking of a submarine already surrounded by enemy ships, Bell refuses to listen. He races to the deck of the destroyer and jumps overboard, drowning and allowing the submarine's crew to claim his life at long last.


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