Crime Master (Earth-Noir)

Crime Master prepares to torture Felicia Hardy

Crime-Master is the secondary antagonist in the second Spider-Man Noir volume. He is very different from his mainstream counterpart and is also far more evil than the likes of the normal Crime Master.


The Crime Master was a sadistic, ruthless, and notorious gang boss as well as a KKK affiliate and member of the Friends of New Germany political party. Given his racist connections it was perhaps no surprise that he came to work for Nazi scientist Otto Octavius, kidnapping African Americans off the streets for him and sending them to the doctor in exchange for a profit.

When Spider-Man began to interfere with the pair's operations Crime Master sent the criminal known only as "The Sandman" after him. But though Sandman was able to badly injure Spider-Man the police killed him and Spider-Man escaped with his life.  After learning that Felicia Hardy had protected and healed Spider-Man, an enraged Crime Master mutilated her in retaliation.

Afterwards when Spider-Man and the FBI discovered Otto Octavius' lair and sabotaged his operations, Otto decided that Crime Master was a loose end that had outlived his usefulness and savagely murdered him with homicidal glee. Spider-Man, disgusted with them both, allowed Otto to kill him, ignoring Crime Master's pleas for mercy as Otto used his mechanical arms to tear him apart.


This version of the Crime Master is far brutal, cruel, violent, remorseless, aggressive, heartless, and unsympathetic than the original. He is willing to use brute force and intimidation to get his way. He is also a particularly depraved sadist, and takes twisted pleasure on killing, maiming, and torturing his victims.

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