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The Criminal is the main antagonist of the Seinfeld series finale The Finale. As his name suggests, the man is a criminal. He targets an obese man at a small Massachusetts town where by chance the series protagonists are stranded no thanks to Cosomo Kramer (one of the series protagonists) but do nothing to stop him.  The criminal targets a morbidly obese man and carjacks him at gunpoint, and by coiendence, the Seinfld cast witnesses the whole crime occur but do nothing but record and laugh at his misfortune.

The man gets away, leaving the victim frantic and signals a police officer who arrest the cast as they violated a new law called "The Samitarian Law". Due to his crime and the cast's apathy, he unintentionally sets forth a chain of events that bring about the utmost downfall of all four protagonists who are all sentenced to prison for a whole year.


  • It is unclear whether the criminal got away with his crime.
  • He can considered the Big Bad of the entire series as he (unwittingly) put the cast away in prison, beating any villain like Newman by a long shot. However, unlike Newman who wanted to beat Seinfeld at his own game, the carjacker didn't know the cast at all and was commiting another crime.
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