The Criminal from Tommorow was a DC comics supervillain and an enemy of the popular speedster hero known as the Flash.


The Criminal from Tommorow was a supervillain originating from 6946AD who was scheduled to be executed for major crimes in his time-line but instead travelled back in time to 1946 when an experiment went wrong and pulled him from the future, where he tried to use his superior technological powers to take over the world and presumably rewrite history (thus avoiding his own execution).

However his plans for conquest (which included robbing the National Mint as a show of his power) were foiled by the Flash of that era (who had also unwittingly brought the villain to his time-line via aforementioned experiment) who ran so fast he tore apart time - launching the criminal back to his native time, just in time for his execution.

Powers and Abilities

Prior to his defeat the Criminal had vast magnetic abilities that allowed him to paralyze living creatures (via "magnetizing" their bodies) and manipulate metal.

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