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I found my family. My blood-kin.
~ Edvin about the Crimson Circle cult.

The Crimson Circle is the name of a cult of hemomancers and a villainous faction in the fantasy MOBA videogame series League of Legends.

An organization that studies the terrifying blood-imbued sorcery of the Darkin, the Crimson Circle is a society of youths that answer to the whims of Lord Vladimir, their Patron and mentor. The cult remains influential in Noxian society for their unique abilities, which the empire has now weaponized with the resurrection of Sion.



As a young prince in southern Valoran, Vladimir began as a mere mortal, but believed himself to be worthy to study the art of hemomancy from the Darkin. The prince's devotion and arrogance impressed the Darkin who ruled over the land, and for his own amusement he took Vladimir under his wing as an apprentice and enforcer. When the Darkin eventually fell, Vladimir was the one who killed him, leaving himself the sole user of this terrifying magic.

Now with the power to drain the life from blood itself, Vladimir was able to renew his flesh to extend his lifespan beyond its mortal capacity. An immortal sorcerer, he hid among the Noxian aristocracy, passing his knowledge on to his most loyal and devoted followers. These followers became known as the Crimson Circle, a cult of young disciples dedicated to the personality and blood magic of their patron.


  • Lord Vladimir - An immortal being who serves as founder and patron of the Crimson Circle. With the help of this cult, he hopes to overthrow the Trifarix so he can manipulate Noxian politics from behind the scenes.
  • Clara - A seductive disciple who uses hemomancy for pleasure.
  • Edvin - An ambitious curator who uses hemomancy for influence.
  • Kye - A lazy awakener who uses hemomancy for fun.
  • Ophelia - An arrogant aristocrat who uses hemomancy for power.



  • The Crimson Circle are inspired by vampires with some elements not from them, such as their hemokinetic abilities they are hemomancers.
  • In Legends of Runeterra, their flavor texts form a conversation where Edvin invites his friends to the Reveler's Ball.
    • The first letter of each line in conversation has the hidden message "Beware the rose", which references their rival organization.


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