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Bite me, would you, ya little shit...? You f***ing cur, come out and take your medicine... I'm the Crimson Countess, you think you can-- Ohh--! I can melt steel, ***er, I'll microwave your guts and punch them out your asshole... I'll-- Good little ball of f***ing shit---
~ Crimson Countess as she is looking for Terror, and her last words.

Crimson Countess is a minor antagonist in the controversial comic book series The Boys. She is a member of Payback and is in a romantic relationship with Mind-Droid. Despite this, it is heavily hinted that she sleeps around a lot, much to her boyfriend despair, with Vought high ranked men (to join the Seven) or with other Supes like Stormfront.


The mantle of "Crimson Countess" was actually created by Vought used by two "supes" in the past. The first version is the Crimson Countess who fought during World War II, with a superhero group called The Avenging Squad. When Nazis attacked them, she died with other members of The Avenging Squad.

The second and current Crimson Countess showed up with the rest of her teammates attacking The Boys. Crimson Countess attacked Hughie with her heat generation, but missed. Later she got bitten by Billy Butcher by Terror on the hand. Enraged when Terror escaped, she began looking for him to kill him. She didn't know Billy was standing behind her, pulling the belt off his pants. Billy then slung the strap around her neck and began to choke her.

Her teammate Swatto asks Mind-Droid what's wrong with her, but horrified Mind-Droid, says he can't read her mind literally as if she had been turned off. Mind-Droid and Swatto then finds her dead, and Mind-Droid is upset about it, and tells how Vought have sent them to kill people like The Boys.

Later, Swatto, Mind-Droid, and Soldier Boy were killed by Billy Butcher, while the vigilante blinded Stormfront in one eye.


  • Crimson Countess is a parody of Marvel's Scarlet Witch.


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