Crispy is a dragon and the main antagonist in the Sofia the First episode "Bad Little Dragon".

He was voiced by Mick Wingert.


Crispy is a crooked dragon who steals what he wants by acting cute like a baby. He won't hesitate to frame or harm others who get in his way


Crispy first appears in "Bad Little Dragon", Princess Vivian and Sofia find him and Vivian wants to keep him because he looks so cute. Vivian asks her parents if she could keep him and they agree. Crackle then discovers Crispy is not a baby at all but an adult dragon due to being small has a baby face. Crispy also reveals he plans to rob Zumaria Castle's Jewel Room and agree to split it with Crackle, but she refuses. Crispy decide to get rid of Crackle so he does bad stuff around the castle and Crackle gets framed and put out by Vivian. Clover reveals to Sofia Crispy's true nature. Sofia and Clover catch him rummaging in the Jewel Room. Crispy is shocked that Sofia understands him, but he says that won't stop him and locks her in the Jewel room.


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