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Crocker was a henchman who worked for Roland Daggett in Batman: The Animated Series. He helped Daggett in his plan to demolish Crime Alley by helping NItro set up the explosives.


When Daggett wanted Crime Alley to be demolish and built a mini mall, he had his henchman Crocker find an explosives expert to demolish Park Row. Crocker hired Nitro and presented him to Daggett. They planned to demolish Crime Alley at 9PM sharp and Crocker helped Nitro set up the explosives. However, Leslie Thompkins interfered and recognized Crocker as a person who worked for Daggett. She also saw the explosives they were planting and tried to walk away but Crocker and Nitro grabbed her and left her behind with the explosives. Crocker and Nitro left to plant bombs in the SRO Hotel which was the last place they had to plant the explosives.

When they were done, Batman came. He had met Crocker before and was curious what he was doing. Batman guessed Roland's plan and trapped Crocker and Nitro in a truck full of explosives while he searches for Leslie Thompkins. He defused most of the explosives with success and the rest of them destroyed some condemned buildings. Batman presented Crocker and Nitro to Daggett about the arson but he denied any part he had in it and ordered the police to arrest Crocker.

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